9 TV Shows That Nobody Wants To Admit Are Overrated

We’ve all been there: Your friends are fawning over their favorite episodes of some old TV show, and you’re sitting there like, “Am I the only one who thought this show really wasn’t all that great?”

Honestly, I think we’re a lot more willing to accept varying opinions on something like music preferences, but when it comes to TV shows, we’re all expected to be on the same page about a certain show’s brilliance, hilarity, or legacy. For some reason, we’re all supposed to think that humor or drama is a little more universal in its appeal. But some shows that people have declared to the best shows ever are overrated or, frankly, just straight up not that great.

Check out this list of nine overrated old TV shows that received a lot of undeserved hype. Note: I’m not saying these shows are bad–I love a few of them to death. But…let’s be real here.


FEEL FREE TO FIGHT ME ON THIS ONE BECAUSE I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. Friends is entertaining enough. Like, it's nice to have on when you want some background music to accompany wasting time on the internet or trying to do homework. But even the funniest episodes of this show or its most iconic episodes--Smelly Cat, Ross accidentally calling his would-be wife "Rachel" at the alter--don't really live up to the hype that people still place onto this show.

The Rachel and Ross plot lines got tired af, Joey became more insufferably idiotic as the show progressed, and Chandler and Phoebe ended up being the only truly likable characters by show's end. Plus, through 21st century lenses, it's a little embarrassing that not a single one of these friends living in NYC in the '90s was non-white. Bye!

Gilmore Girls

I know that Gurl managing editor Jessica Booth is fuming about my inclusion of this show, but I'm just keeping it real. Sure, the show catches you in the feels and is pretty endearing. But I maintain the opinion that Lorelai is one of the only characters on the show who is actually worth watching. Rory? Aside from a few subplots, zzzzz.

Full House

The only reason why people still love this show is because of the Olsen legacy and the fact that the '90s are back in vogue. Otherwise, this is literally just another cheesy family sitcom for sanitized American families. Boring! Was it that much better than a show like Step By Step, another '90s show about a big family living their lives? Eh, not really.

Then again, Step By Step didn't have a babe like Uncle Jesse on it. Yeah, maybe John Stamos is the real reason people still care about Full House.

Sex And The City

So, here's the thing: Sex and the City deserves a lot of credit in its daring approach toward female sexuality. I mean, this was a show talking openly about orgasms and vibrators at a time when that stuff was never talked about in most R-rated movies, let alone a cable TV show. It might not seem that edgy now, but for the late '90s and early '00s? Oh, it definitely was.

Still, the mythos that surrounds SATC is a little OTT. Sure, it had nuggets of wisdom and hilarity, but not as much as people claim. Most of Carrie's thought provoking realizations resemble a fake deep Twitter post these days. Plus, this is another show that basically acted as if there were no non-white people in NYC, unless Samantha was maybe having sex with them in an episode. Yikes.

How I Met Your Mother

This show definitely deserves to be on this list, especially after that mess of a finale that I won't discuss because it would literally spoil the entire show. But I will say this: It's one thing for a TV show to have an epic plot twist, it's another to discover a plot twist during the series finale and feel like you've been conned for nine years. I could also go into the fact that this show was pretty damn sexist, but I'll refrain.

Anyway, didn't HIMYM pretty much seem like The Barney Show by the end?

Mad Men

Listen, I effing love Mad Men. The '60s were a fascinating decade, the aesthetics of the show are beautiful, and the acting is absolutely top notch. But I have to say, the hype around this show was a little much, even as a fan. It's one of those shows that people are "supposed" to think is good just because it's super well made and Jon Hamm rules. Cue pretentiousness and acting as if this show can do no wrong. Like, let's be honest: A few seasons of this show are straight up boring aside from a few episodes and the finale. Find the lie, y'all.

King Of Queens

I don't understand why this show was on for so many years and manages to live in eternity via syndication. Honestly, the character dynamics are so played out. Uncouth husband who says stupid things says stupid things, hot wife says snappy comments in response to stupid husband, laugh track ensues. Spare me.


Unpopular opinion, I know. Listen, it's a fun, entertaining show. But when people act as if it is the best show of the '90s, it's hard not to eye roll a bit. It's funny, but there are plenty of other funny shows from the '90s. I mean, what makes this show so much funnier than Fresh Prince?


What's funny about Lost is that the more people watched the show, the more frustrated they all seemed to become. By the end, everyone was frothing at the mouths and debating on whether or not the last episode was garbage or better than expected. This show admittedly was gripping AF and had some seriously memorable performances. But the fact that sort of hating the show and being frustrated by 90 percent of it is part of the experience of watching Lost doesn't really seem worth it. Is a show really that great if most of it is infuriating?

Disagree with anything on this list? What other shows are ridiculously overrated? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Do not agree with Friends and HIMYM

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    Finally, someone else who knows that Suckfeld was completely overrated…

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    NO, Lost & Gilmore Girls were awesome. And some of the others shows were good too.