8 Real Pieces Of Advice On How To Get Over An Ex

When it comes to breakups, we’re used to hearing that “time will heal all wounds,” or that there are “other fish in the sea.” Everyone is expected to just “move on” or “stop thinking about their ex,” but the reality is: moving on from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is not as simple as some people make it out to be. It’s actually hard and really frustrating, because while you’re aware of the fact that you have to move on, your emotions make it really hard to do so.


But on the boards this week, I actually saw some great advice on how to get over someone if you’re still struggling to move on after a breakup. This one board dealt with how to move on from an ex boyfriend, while the second talked about getting over a crush that you’ve developed feelings for. And the encouraging feedback that I read was just amazing.

Check out these eight real pieces of advice on how you can get over your ex.

Tiffanymai said;

The only advice I can give is that you have to get back out there and meet up with new people. Only when you do that do you realize how big the ocean of people is and that there's no point in dwelling on one person!

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Thebeesknees333 said:

The best thing to do is to remind yourself that any guy who doesn't appreciate you doesn't deserve you. Try to accept it. It's okay to be upset, and don't pull anyone else into the situation.

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Charlsp said:

Delete him out of your life. Let yourself be sad and cry, but then pull it together and go out with your friends. Have a laugh and enjoy yourself! Take up a new hobby. Meet new people, make new friends. Try a new hairstyle. Just be the best version of you.

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Sunny201 said:

Confide in your friends and let them know how you feel. Make plans with them and keep yourself occupied. Find a new hobby, work out, go out with your friends, keep yourself busy. It is hard to get over someone you like but eventually you will find that time heals wounds.

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KCBrown said;

I haven't gone through this sort of situation before, but there is no easy fix to heartbreak. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but things do eventually get easier. It's hard but you will get there. I promise.

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PrettyGurl15 said;

Trust me, there will be plenty more guys out there that don't have problems like the one you can't get over. I would advise you learn from this mistake, remember the bad things he did, and remember to not get involved with a guy if he exhibits the same behavior.

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Taebadass said:

The first step is to get back out there. Delete anything that will remind you of him, keep yourself busy so you won’t think of him, and go to other places so you won’t have to see him.

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MySilentUndoing said:

Don't discourage yourself. These kinds of things happen and there's someone out there for you. Try to make new friends, get out there and explore. You might find someone that's perfect for you when you least expect it.

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Have you ever struggled to get over someone? What helped you get over that person? Tell us in the comments below!

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