9 Presents You Really Need This Year But Would Never Think To Ask For

As everyone knows, the annual event of Christmas/Hanukkah (Chrismukkah, if you celebrate that, like I do) is and always have been the perfect time to receive lots and lots of worthwhile, practical gifts.

Oh, did I say “practical?” Sorry, what I actually meant is 110% useless. I mean, this is just based off of my own anecdotal experience, but I think it’s pretty powerful–over the years, I have gotten a bacon wallet (I’m a vegetarian), a cookbook for four-year-olds who want to have fairy princess tea parties (though I do love a good fairy princess tea party, I am sadly no longer four), and an actual bear suit (I think that one speaks for itself).

Now, I think that useless stuff is great, obviously–I am no one if not someone who values novelty above all else. But you know what’s even better? Stuff you’ll actually use more than once. Here are some perfect presents you definitely need to ask for–you’d never think to ask for them, but I promise you’ll actually use them.

New Hair Ties

I lose hair ties all. the. time. As such, I always need them, but HATE--like, absolutely cannot stand--buying new ones. Sound familiar? You should do what I do and ask for some this year--it's the perfect stocking stuffer.

Buy it at Amazon for $13.98

Lip Balm

Much like hair ties, lip balm is something that I always need to have, but always seem to lose. Avoid this by asking for some lip balm. Maybe you can go a little crazy and ask for a few tubes. It's the holidays! Treat yo self, etc.

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You know, to get your 2016 in order.

Buy it at Barnes & Noble for $6.23


Loungewear is one of those things that, no matter how much of you have, it'll never be enough. Ask for some cute sweats this year--that way, you can spend each day of winter break in an all-new cute and comfy outfit.

Buy it at Etsy for $23

Cute Water Bottle

Making a New Year's resolution to get healthier? Drinking more water is the perfect way to do that, and this water bottle is a great way to increase your motivation to get hydrated.

Buy it at bkr for $28

Portable Phone Charger

If your phone always dies when you're out with your friends, ask your mom for one of those portable phone chargers--she'll totally go for it. Trust.

Buy it at Amazon for $13.99

Cute Portable Speakers

Cute portable speakers are the absolute best way to liven up any party or event. This pair from Pottery Barn is both adorable and totally affordable.

Buy it at STORE NAME for $39


Or, for when speakers aren't an option, you'll probably need some cute new headphones.

Buy it at Amazon for $18.98

Jewelry Organizer

You'll probably get a few new jewelry pieces over the holidays--spare yourself the trouble of getting everything tangled in the jewelry box you already have by asking for a cute new organizer.

Buy it at Amazon for $14.99

Are you going to ask for any of these gifts? What useful presents did I forget? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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