How To Deal With Irritation After Shaving Down There

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I shave my pubic hair off pretty regularly, and it’s fine, but the day after I shave, it feels itchy down there. It gets itchy and sometimes a little irritated – sometimes I get ingrown hairs and sometimes it feels kind of dry or prickly. Should I start putting lotion down there after shaving like I do with my legs? And if so, what kind is best?


One of the biggest downsides of shaving down there is dealing with the irritation afterwards. Itchiness, dryness, little bumps, and ingrown hairs are very common, but also very annoying. No one enjoys feeling the constant urge to scratch down there, especially when out in public – and general irritation doesn’t look or feel much better.

However, using lotion on your newly shaved area down there is a bad idea. Your vag is an extremely sensitive part of your body. Almost anything can set off the pH balance, opening you up to the risk of vaginal infections that will leave you even itchier and more miserable than before. Lotions are often made with chemicals that are harmful to your vag (even though you’re not putting it in), and they are also often made with fragrances, which are a huge no-no down there.

But, I totally get that applying lotion after shaving feels nice and can help keep dry skin at bay. It’s great that you put it on your legs! So what can you do about your pubic hair area? Instead of opting for lotion, try some sort of after-shave serum made specifically for your lady bits. Whish makes a terrific serum that prevents ingrown hairs and keeps the skin smooth. European Wax Center also makes a great one that is safe for your bikini area, and you can buy it even if you’re not getting waxed there. There are lots of other options, and serums like these should actually be necessary after shaving down there. Not only do they help prevent painful ingrown hairs, they also keep your skin softer.

Aside from using a serum, there are some other things you can do to make shaving down there easier. Make sure your razor is super sharp and change it often – old, dull razors can leave you with cuts and bumps, which lead to itching. Exfoliate the area down there before shaving and at least twice a week after shaving – exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells that can lead to dryness and itching. Lastly, shave slowly and carefully down there. Again, this is a sensitive area where you want to be extra cautious – no rushing allowed!

If none of these options help, you may want to consider waxing down there. Waxing also has annoying side effects, but I found that, personally, itching was much worse for me when shaving rather than waxing. Just something to think about!

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What To Do When You’re Always Irritated Down There

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