Would You Rather: Pick Between These Super Embarrassing Sexting Fails

Sexting fails can be so embarrassing. It’s one of the quickest ways to kill the mood, because one typo from autocorrect can make things can go from super steamy to incredibly awkward. But hey, it happens to everyone! And while it can be super humiliating, it’s also kind of funny, when you think about it.

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Sexting may be quite easy for some people, but generally, it takes a lot of work and creativity. For one, both people have to be into it, and you want to make sure that both you and the person you’re sexting are staying aroused. So if you’ve done this before, you already know the pressure that comes along with it. But have you ever had autocorrect completely screw up your message and make things super weird? Or have you ever accidentally sent sexy pics and messages to your parents? Just the thought of it is terrifying, to be quite honest.

Take this poll to see if you can survive the most embarrassing sexting fails ever!







Which of these was the hardest for you to choose? Have you had super embarrassing sexting moments before? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Joseph

    No comments! What the heck! I thought these were pretty funny. 😛 Never sexted before. I have a flip phone and it won’t show pictures. It can’t even display emoticons. The just a appear as little white boxes! It’s gonna be pretty hilarious when girls try to send me naughty pics. I’ll open up my phone next time I see them and be like “Look! I got your picture!” boxes 😀