8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Mad At You (Even When He Says He Isn’t)

Confrontation is the worst. Feeling angry about something, venting to friends, and ranting about all the things you’re going to say to the person you’re mad at is one thing – actually standing in front of them, opening your mouth, and saying those things is another. A lot of people find it difficult to gather the courage to tell someone when they’re mad at them, and so the feelings simmer inside until they go into hiding for a little bit. It’s not healthy to hold back, but many of us do it – not just girls, but guys too.

How many times have you wondered if your boyfriend is mad at you even when he insists everything is fine? I’m not into gender stereotypes, but the one about how guys hate discussing their feelings came from a place of truth. Many dudes are hesitant to tell their girlfriends when they’re mad, hurt, or upset because they don’t want to get into an emotional fight or conversation. Many immature guys will hold back, act passive-aggressive, and either wait until they feel better to act normal again, or simply avoid the situation until it goes away.

It’s incredibly frustrating to feel the vibe that someone is mad at you while they continue to say they aren’t, especially when it’s someone you’re close to. You want them to be able to talk to you about these things, and it kind of hurts when they refuse to. The other thing that sucks about it is that you start to wonder if you’re going crazy. Are you imagining things, or does he ACTUALLY seem mad? Here are eight signs that your boyfriend is mad at you, even when he says he isn’t:

Do you disagree with any of these signs? Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments!

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