10 Signs You Might Be Bisexual

It’s normal to have questions about your sexuality as you get older. It’s inevitable that you’ll have confusing feelings towards people that are difficult to categorize (Is it platonic? Romantic? Sexual?). The media, television shows, and our parents all like to tell us that we’re either straight or gay, but those narrow definitions don’t always make sense to you. It doesn’t help that sexuality is a difficult subject to discuss with friends. *insert stressed emoji face here*


You may be familiar with the Kinsey Scale, which explains that sexuality is not black and white (heterosexual and homosexual), but a continuum between the two. Living in a world that subscribes to the orientation dichotomy can be difficult for people who fall near the center of the Kinsey Scale. However, times they are a changin’, and it is becoming more and more acceptable to admit that you’re attracted to both males and females. Yay, progress!

Wondering if you’re bisexual? Here are some signs that you might be. But please remember, at the end of the day, no magazine, book, TV show, other person, or website (even Gurl!) can tell you what your sexuality is. You’re the only one who can determine that. And don’t rush yourself! You will figure it out, and you’ll know when you know. Does that sound infuriatingly vague? Yes, but it’s the truth! Good luck, girls.

Do you ever wonder if you might be bisexual? If you are bisexual, how did you know? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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  • Jalen S

    according to the kinsley scale, i’m pretty darn gay