20 Illustrations That Show What It’s Actually Like To Have Anxiety

So many people out there suffer from anxiety in some form, whether it’s general anxiety, social anxiety, or feeling anxious over one thing in particular. Many times, ruminating on negative thoughts will lead you to have anxiety. Upon further investigation, you realize that most of these thoughts that you’re having aren’t true. For example, “Everyone hates me” is an extreme statement that many people hear on a loop in their heads. The problem is that it’s a false belief. 

I struggle with anxiety. When I try to explain to my friends why I need to leave certain social situations, they look at me with blank stares. The truth is, when my anxiety kicks up, it’s hard for me to just ignore it. I need to excuse myself from the situation.  Exercise, meditation, and journalling along with therapy have all helped to quell my anxious tendencies. Now I hardly suffer from it at all!

If you have anxiety and feel like no one understands you, have no fear. Check out these illustrations inspired by anxiety that are beautiful and sad at the same time:

1. Anxiety is constantly there.


2. There are so many thoughts going through your head.


3. It is hard to hide what you’re going through in order to get through your day.


4. You imagine the worst possible scenarios.


5. You’re anxious but you don’t know why.


6. Staying in bed is sometimes the easiest way to deal with your anxiety.


7. Your thoughts overtake you.


8. You feel anxiety in your rib cage.


9. It’s a sickening feeling.


10. Anxiety can overwhelm you.


11. You become very familiar with anxiety’s presence.


12. You’re chained to your thoughts.


13. Anxiety can hit you out of the blue.


14. You know that your thinking isn’t logical.


15. You start feeling like you can’t take it anymore.


 16. Other people don’t understand.


17. Things can feel overwhelming.


18. Your thoughts can quickly spiral out of control.


19. You want to give up sometimes.


 20. Anxiety is powerful.

Do you have anxiety? Did any of these illustrations show what you’re feeling? Let me know in the comments below!

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