10 Real Birth Control Methods You Never Thought About Trying

Who knew there were so many birth control options? We all know about the pill, condoms, and pulling out. There are enough apps to download that will tell you when you’re ovulating (aka those magical three days during your cycle in which you can get pregnant), so you’re careful about having sex when you’re especially prone to conceiving a baby. Then, there’s pulling out for you risk takers, and abstinence – which is the only real way to 100 percent prevent pregnancy, if we’re being honest.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time putting my trust in a flimsy piece of latex. I’ve heard too many horror stories about condoms getting stuck or breaking. Then, there are the hormones involved with taking the pill. I can’t be held accountable for taking a pill every day at the exact same time until I want to become a mom – that’s part of why I’m not ready to be a mom in the first place!

While doing some research on the Internet about awesome birth control options, I found some I’ve never even heard of. Awesome ones for forgetful girls who don’t want to mess with their hormones, too (aggressively points to herself)! Some of these options do involve hormones: some of us are on birth control to regulate hormones to begin with. So, I made a top 10. Here are 10 real birth control methods you haven’t thought about trying. If you’re still unclear after reading this, hop on over to Bedsider, where you can watch different girls’ video testimonials about what it’s like to use these methods of birth control.

Which of these options would you be interested in trying? What birth control do you use? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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