Here’s What Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Actual Teenagers

The princesses in our favorite Disney films are facing huge issues (wars, murder, kidnapping, etc.) as well as thinking about getting married, so it’s understandable that we forget that they are teenagers.  Some of these girls are just old enough to get their periods! They look less like adolescents and more like 28-year-olds who have their lives together… sort of.

Here are the actual ages for our favorite Disney princesses:

The fact that most of the princesses have flawless skin, emotional maturity, and on-point style shows that these movies are a tad unrealistic (as if we didn’t know that already). Anyone knows that a girl in her teenage years is a hotbed of hormones. That’s not to say she can’t look and be awesome, it just means that she might be a little more awkward than, say, a 30-year-old woman.

To make this movies a bit more grounded, here is what the Disney princesses would look like as actual teenagers:


1. Braces and acne would have definitely made an appearance.


2. Some of them would have been going through an awkward phase.


3. Their rebellious nature would manifest itself through tattoos and piercings.


4. The princesses would have more realistic wasitlines .


5. They’d be taking selfies like nobody’s business.


6. They would be totally on trend…they’re princesses after all!


7. You know they’d be rocking jean shorts.


8. They would look less mature.


9. Some of them would have that “sullen teenager” look.


10. They’d go to prom!


11. They’d be really popular at school. OBVIOUSLY.


12. They would have sleepovers.


13. They would make some bad life decisions. *shakes head*


14. Some of them would probably be hipsters.


15. They would get into silly teenage-couple fights.


16. They’d dress up in Halloween costumes.


17. They might be mean girls in high school.


18. Teenagers have a lot of attitude!


Which Disney Princess as an actual teenager was the most accurate? Let me know in the comments below!

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