8 Super Offensive Gifts You Should Never Give Your Boyfriend

Christmas is coming fast, and that means that gifting season will be right around the corner before we know it. We all know that gifting is a kind gesture that’s meant to show loved ones how much they’re appreciated. However, that kind gesture can turn into something completely different if the gift isn’t that great, or even worse, if it’s super offensive.

When giving gifts to a significant other, people aren’t always aware of the fact that what they’re gifting is offensive, because they mean well and they assume that their partner will just appreciate what they give. But it’s important to remember that happy reactions aren’t always guaranteed – even if you feel like you understand your partner well enough to know what they want.


I know it’s pretty early, so chances are you probably haven’t started brainstorming ideas for your boyfriend’s Christmas gift. However, you still need to know which things to avoid when you start to go Christmas shopping.

Check out these eight offensive things you should never give to your boyfriend as a gift.

A Subscription To A Weight Loss Magazine

Signing your guy up for a yearly subscription to a weight loss or health magazine is a clear way of saying: "I want you to lose some weight, asap." Now, unless he actually has the desire to get healthy and be fit, it's not your place to shove a bunch of health magazines down his throat. Trying to force your boyfriend into doing things will only turn him off. It'll also give him the impression that you don't really like him for who he really is.

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An Unnecessarily Rude Mug

People actually gift these things in an attempt to be clever. But unless you and your partner share the same sense of humor, you should avoid gifts are just downright offensive, and that includes mugs with edgy or disturbing messages on them. I mean, gifting a mug that says "men are like toilets" most likely won't bring a smile to your boyfriend's face.

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Air Fresheners

This is probably one of the most offensive gifts you can ever give someone, because you're basically telling the person that they're always smelly. Now, if you notice that your boyfriend has a weird odor or that his car smells like wet dog, giving him air fresheners for Christmas is NOT the best way to bring that up. Just voice your concerns and be genuine.

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A Gym Membership

Another way to make a guy feel even more insecure about his body is to get him a gym membership. Unless you know for a fact that he actually wants to get fit and work out more, don’t just assume that he actually wants to join a gym. Yes, it may be for his own good, but at least talk to him first before you make such a big decision for him.

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Products For Hair Loss

Don't gift your guy with stuff for hair loss. Seriously. If you see that he's self conscious about his hair or that he's obsessing over a potential bald spot, then he might appreciate the gift. But if you jump to conclusions and assume that he really needs it, he'll definitely take offense.

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Relationship Self-Help Books

In general, if chosen wisely, a self-help book can actually make a pretty awesome gift. But if you gift your boyfriend with a book on how to be a better man or boyfriend, then it's a problem. This is like saying: 'You're actually an awful boyfriend, but I think this book can help change you.' Talk about awkward.

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Any Oral Hygiene Product

Okay, this is a big no no. Because it clearly communicates that your boyfriend's breath makes you want to barf. Bringing that issue up on a special occasion or while gifting someone is just not cool. It's actually the worst timing.

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Acne Products

If your boyfriend is suffering from acne and he makes it clear that he wants to try a few acne-prevention products, then by all means, feel free to gift them. But don’t just offer up a Proactiv kit out of the blue because you feel like his skin isn’t clear or radiant enough. This will just come off as selfish and rude. And plus, you’ll make him feel insecure about his skin.

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Would you actually gift any of these things to your boyfriend for Christmas? Do you have any others to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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    I think it’s hilarious to gift you SO with these stuff LOL (except for the acne thing)
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