10 Things Girls Are Most Insecure About In Relationships

Dealing with insecurity in a relationship can be tough. I mean, it’s not easy to quit obsessing over our flaws, or to stop getting paranoid over issues that probably don’t exist. We’re just so used to having seeds of doubt planted in our minds, and we tend to over-analyze and misinterpret the simplest things that our partners do. Even worse, if we allow these insecurities to get the best of us, they can drive us to do the craziest things, and this could end up scaring people away.


On the boards this week, I saw this really interesting discussion on whether or not insecurity can ruin a relationship. This inspired me to browse through some of the other forums with the same topic, including this girl’s story about feeling worried over her partner’s ex and this discussion about how to get over insecurities. Take a look at what you guys had to say about feeling insecure in your romantic relationships.

Candacebarber26 said:

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half. I’ve always had insecurities about myself. I always wondered why no guy liked me. I thought I was unattractive until I met him, he made me feel wonderful. But he can only do so much.

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KCBrown said:

My boyfriend and I had a rough start to our relationship but finally we are in a great place and everything is just going perfect. But, I still find myself getting jealous when he chats to other girls on Facebook or Snapchat.

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Hrubin789 said:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. But we go to different colleges, and I always get so jealous if I see pictures of him on Instagram with a girl, or if he follows a girl on twitter or becomes friends with them on Facebook.

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MissComplicated said:

I feel like I've been ready to have sex quite a while now but I'm too ashamed of my down-stairs to ever show it. The thought of anyone seeing it freaks me out. I had a boyfriend of 2 years and I didn't have sex and think that might have been what ruined it.

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Pceluvpink said:

I am so insecure and he gives me no reason to be. I go through who he follows, see if he likes their pictures, and stalk who he follows. I've had relationships before but I'VE NEVER gotten this crazy.

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Murrburrr said:

I have insane body insecurities. We’ll be fooling around and sometimes all I can think about is how fat I look.

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HiAnnie said:

When we're together I feel like a princess, but I feel sort of forgotten whenever we're apart. He texts me most days, but it seems like it's only when it suits him. I'm so scared I'm going to ruin our relationship by being insecure and by feeling that everything I do will put him off.

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Zeleve said:

I used to worry about my boyfriend possibly leaving me to the point where my pointless anxieties nearly damaged the relationship. Whenever he didn't reply, I'd freak out and blow up his phone, which made him not want to be bothered.

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Whitnei92 said:

He has an ex. An ex he clearly loved a lot. She seems like she still has a place in his heart. He said he has flashbacks sometimes, but he's over his old loves. I hate seeing them talk and I feel kind of insecure about it all.

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Aym_Elizabeth said:

My boyfriend likes other girls’ photos on Facebook and becomes friends with a lot of pretty girls on there. It kind of hurts me, thinking I’m not good enough.

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Which of these stories did you find the most relatable? Have you ever felt insecure in any of your relationships? Tell us in the comments below!

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