13 Posts You’ll Totally Love If People Are Always Telling You To Smile

A few days ago, I was walking into my favorite place on earth–Trader Joe’s, obviously–when a guy standing outside of the store motioned for me to stop. I assumed that he had something important to tell me–like he knew of a TJ’s somewhere that had a much shorter line, perhaps, or that he was hemorrhaging internally and needed me to call an ambulance. All he said, however, was, “Has anyone ever told you that you should smile more?”

I ignored him, considering, after all, that I had marcona almonds and speculoos cookie butter to buy. The thing is, though, I have been told that I should “smile more” and “brighten up” and “cheer up.” Like, many, many times in my relatively young life. I’m not the only one who’s experienced this–women being told to smile by random people (who are almost always men) is not a new issue. It is, as as far as catcalling goes, fairly innocuous, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly irritating, or symptomatic of a larger issue in which women’s behavior is viewed as a viable object for men to police. If you, too, have ever been told that you should smile more, you’ll love these posts. They might make you smile, but don’t worry–you don’t have to:
1. This video:

Stop Telling Women To Smile from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

2. This inspirational snapchat:

3. This street art:


4. This comic:


5. This reminder that, hey, not everything women do is for the pleasure of men:

6. This…pleasant fantasy (maybe you can just break up instead?):


7. This drawing that you definitely need as a poster. And phone background. And a t-shirt:




9. Also, this sweatshirt:
Source: Wild Daisy
10. This time Serena Williams expertly shut down a reporter who asked her why she wasn’t smiling:


11. This cute doodle:


12. This inspirational quote:


13.And, as my closing remarks, I will leave you with this Broad City classic:


The only response you ever need to give, tbh.

Has a rando ever told you to smile? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments!

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