Ask a Guy: What To Do When Your Guy Won’t Shut Up About Other Girls


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Hey Joel,

My boyfriend always talks about how pretty other girls are and how hot his ex was. How do I get him to stop?

To be honest, the fact that you apparently have to tell him something he should already know not to do is more than a bit concerning. If he is so shallow and clueless that you actually have to outright ask him not to ogle other girls and go on about how amazing his ex was, there are a ton of red flags.

Not to rain on your parade, but any guy that would do this sort of thing continuously is probably too dense and too self-involved to make for a good, or even decent boyfriend. At best, what he’s doing is extremely inconsiderate, and the fact that it happened more than once really calls into question the type of person he is deep down.

Often times when guys do things like this, it’s usually a very clear sign of some huge insecurities and overall lack of confidence. In short, they are trying to make you feel bad to make themselves feel better. If not that, he may have some silly misconception that the characters in Entourage are role models, and unless you’re into the super-douche type, I’d reconsider your relationship.

One of the biggest parts of a successful relationship is that you champion one another and love the other person for exactly who they are in every way. If he’s checking out other girls and basically saying his ex was better than you, let him go back to his ex!

If he doesn’t appreciate you and hold you above all others, I really have to wonder exactly why he is dating you–or more to the point, why you’d put up with less than the best. The bottom line is, this isn’t something you should actually have to ask him to stop doing, and you’re probably better off ending things now, as it doesn’t bode well for the future.

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