12 Things Guys Are More Scared Of Than Girls Are

When it comes to first kisses, crushes, relationships, or sex, us girls tend to have some of the most ridiculous and irrational fears. But then again, who can blame us? With all the unrealistic expectations we’re expected to fulfill, and with our fixation on being flawless beings, it’s hard to not obsess over every single thing that could go wrong.

However, we’re usually so busy worrying over our fears and insecurities that we forget how nervous and scared guys also get when it comes to girls and romance.


They’re only human, after all. And it turns out that a lot of them are even more scared of certain things than girls are, like not making a good first impression and liking someone who doesn’t like them back. No joke! Check out these 12 things that guys usually are scared of more than girls.

Putting Their Arm Around You

Yes, it's true. I recently stumbled upon this reddit thread about a guy who wasn't sure how to put his arm around his girlfriend because of the height difference. Crazy, right? But you can't really blame them for freaking out over this. Putting an arm around someone for the first time is a big step, and height differences can make it a lot harder to do this casually.

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Asking Someone Out

A lot of pressure is put on guys to make the first move. And believe it or not, this actually terrifies them. Approaching someone opens up the possibility of rejection, so most guys will feel super nervous and self-conscious when asking someone out. After all, there's no guarantee that the person they're interested in will agree to date them.

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Unanswered Texts

Guys are pros at playing it cool when it comes to things like texting. But when they're texting someone that they like, chances are, they’re a paranoid and nervous wreck. If they don’t get a response right away, they might think that they did something wrong to make that person lose interest.

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The First Kiss

Should I make the first move? What will they think of me if I don’t? Does my breath smell okay? How long should the kiss be? Questions like these usually run through guys’ minds when they’re kissing someone that they really like for the first time, so it's not just girls who feel this way! However, it’s usually even harder on guys because they’re almost always expected to initiate. And that's scary!

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Not Preforming Well Enough In Bed

Guys are terrified of under-performing in bed, because it communicates that they're unable to meet the standard, let alone satisfy their partner sexually. As a result, guys can start to feel like they're lacking, and this could put a serious damper on their self-confidence. It can also cause them to worry about how their partner sees them.

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Getting No Sex At All

Most men crave sex like a dried-up plant craves water. So just the mere thought of not getting any is actually devastating, because it can cause a lot of guys to get frustrated and stressed. Some even worry that lack of sex could destroy the entire relationship.

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Unrequited Love

Guys are absolutely terrified at the thought of rejection. So don't let the sly smile and cool swagger fool you. In fact, it's especially painful for guys because being let down after they were vulnerable enough to share their feelings can leave a nasty bruise on their egos.

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Not Knowing What Their Significant Other Is Thinking

Most guys tend to misread girls because they’re just so oblivious to a lot of things. They may assume that everything is okay until they finally sense that something is off, and that definitely sends them into panic mode. Some of the most typical questions that come up might be: Are they mad at me? What did I do wrong? Am I missing something?

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Making A Bad First Impression

First impressions can be so deceiving. But at the same time, it doesn’t stop guys from trying to make the best first impression. They know that this can have a huge impact on someone’s feelings toward them. And it’s practically the gateway to a potential relationship.

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Rushed Commitment

Well, this one’s kind of a given. This is not to say that girls aren’t afraid of commitment as well – because they definitely are. But usually, when a guy feels constantly pressured to make a commitment too soon, he goes into panic mode because he just isn’t ready yet. Guys needs time to get to really know you and get comfortable before things can get more serious.

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Not Being Masculine Enough

Much like girls are expected to live up to society’s idealistic standard of beauty, guys are put under so much pressure to be masculine, strong, dominant, and, of course, independent. Since we’re all being brainwashed into thinking that the ideal man is tough and hyper-masculine, most guys fear that their non-masculine traits will make them appear “weak,” “soft,” or “too feminine.”

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Getting Too Emotional In Public

Not all guys are the same when it comes to expressing their feelings, but in most cases, guys just don't like to show their vulnerability. Many find it embarrassing and they believe it threatens their masculinity. This is probably one of the most ridiculous fears of them all, because how emotional a guy gets shouldn't define his manhood.

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Which of these did you find the most surprising? Do you think there are other things that guys are more afraid of than girls? Tell us in the comments below!

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