11 Signs That Your Dress Code Is Too Strict

My high school had no dress code. I know, this is super rare, especially given the fact that it was a private school, but that’s just the way it was. I never thought of it as a huge perk until very recently, when I noticed so many high school girls tell their stories of ridiculous, out of control school dress codes.

By the way these schools design their dress codes, you’d think that a girl’s shoulders or thighs were destructive enough to bring down the quality of education. I mean, those are the literal arguments made by these monsters: Your body is a distraction to boys trying to learn, so cover up. Barf.

Want to know what happened at my dress code free school? Uh, nothing. We all graduated and went to really good schools. Oh, and nobody blamed their bad math test grade on Katie wearing shorts on an 85 degree day.

If you’re so used to school dress codes that you don’t even know what’s ridiculous or not, here are 11 signs that your school’s dress code is way too strict.


1. You’ve risked heat stroke in an attempt to follow the rules against revealing clothing, even when it’s a zillion degrees outside.



2. You have entire sections of your closet dedicated to weekend clothes that you can’t normally wear at school.

rotating closet girls just want to have fun


3. You’ve tried to come up with ways to trick the system, like standing a certain way so that your fingertips reach a higher point on your legs.


4. You know that a guy can get away with wearing a Confederate flag shirt or a shirt with something offensive written on it, but a girl can’t let a bra strap show without causing a disturbance.

sexist i know what you did last summer


5. You look back at old pictures and realize that school dress codes used to be a zillion times more lax back in the day than they are now. HOW?


6. You’ve gone to a store and left empty handed because everything you actually wanted would be seen as a violation.

lizzie mcguire gif


7. Your parents have actually gotten confused about why something you’ve worn was a violation of the dress code.



8. You have to hold off dyeing your hair until the last day of your senior year of high school, because you can’t rock “unnatural hair colors” at school.



9. Something that would turn heads IRL is suddenly seen as slutty af the second you walk down a hallway.



10. You’ve literally heard a teacher tell a teenage female student that her body is a hinderance to everybody’s ability to learn. Says more about the teacher’s ability to teach than anything else, if you ask me.



11. Schools with uniforms seem more free than yours.

princess diaries uniform


Have you ever gotten into trouble for violating a school dress code? Do you think that some of them are actually pretty reasonable? Tell us in the comments!

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