11 Badass, Hilarious Celebrities Who Flawlessly Owned Their Body Shamers

If you’ve been using context clues–as in, reading pretty much any of our articles–you might be able to tell that, here at Gurl, we’re not super into body shaming.

You know what we do love, though? Celebrities who take the initiative to stand up to their body shamers. Yesterday, you probably saw that Ariana Grande and Ariel Winter responded to an Instagram comment that, in trying to defend Ariel Winter’s body type, basically just managed to body shame both of them. Their reactions were pretty perfect–but they aren’t the only celebrities who have stood up to their body shamers at one point or another. Here are the eleven times celebrities owned body shamers in the best possible ways–with poise, hilarity, and a ton of sass:

1. Starting it off with Ariana Grande because, like I said, it’s an awesome response:


2. Which was only made better when Ariel Winter responded, too:

3. Another celebrity who recently made headlines for standing up against unrealistic body standards is Zendaya–after Modeliste Magazine published some super-retouched images from a photoshoot, Zendaya responded by posting the original images:

4. After Gigi Hadid posted a picture of her closing the Tommy Hilfiger show, she was faced with a flood of negative comments about her body. This was her response:

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

5. P!nk also did a good job of being like, “Hey, body shamers, this is even less about you than it is about me:”

6. When Demi Lovato came out of rehab in 2011, she had gained some weight because she was, you know, recovering from an eating disorder, and some people took issue with that weight gain, I guess. Here was her response:

7. Recently, the Daily Mail called Lena Dunham an “eyesore” after she wore this (awesome) jumpsuit, she decided to take matters into her own hands:

8. A few months ago, when writer Jeff Wells posted a piece about Amy Schumer that was, in essence, dedicated to how much he doesn’t want to have sex with her (because she’s “chubby”), Schumer posted this in response:

9. Lorde spoke up for her friend Taylor Swift with this swift-yet-sick burn when Diplo created a Kickstarter to “get Taylor Swift A Booty” (k?):

10. Mindy Kaling pretty much owned the people who call her “courageous” for simply existing as a woman on TV who is slightly larger than average on a Jimmy Kimmel appearance last year:
Source: Buzzfeed
11. And, just to close this off on a strong note–who could forget this classic Gabourey Sidibe dis?


What do you think of these reactions? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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