12 Edgy Fashion Instagram Accounts For Girls With A Unique Sense Of Style

Sometimes, it’s hard to not fall in love with fashion. I mean, it’s an extension of your personality, it can reflect your moods, and it gives you the opportunity to be creative. But you know what makes fashion even more fun? Being able to step out of the box and have a unique sense of style!


Nothing’s better than making a bold statement with the clothes that you wear. On top of feeling glamorous, you’re sure to turn some heads. And after all, who wants to stick with clothing that’s boring and unoriginal? The only problem can be finding the right kind of inspiration, especially on apps like Instagram. A lot of mainstream style bloggers wear the same trendy items, which can get boring after a while. If your style is unique, then make some space in your feed for these 12 edgy fashion Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.

1. MiseryGirl

Matching eggs-thetics for brunch date with Bae

A photo posted by Baby Tay (@miserygirl) on

A small part of me believes that MiseryGirl is actually a cartoon character that stepped out of someone’s television and decided to live in the real world. With that neon yellow hair and her bright, multicolored outfits, she looks like a walking rainbow. But this is exactly what makes her style so awesomely unique. She proves that rocking the most bold and vivid colors can look pretty amazing when worn the right way, and it’s definitely sure to turn some heads!


2. Camtyox

Last night’s last minute outfit solutions via @NetAPorter | @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1Lznm #liketkit

A photo posted by Camille Charrière (@camtyox) on

Camille Charrière is a Parisienne with a knack for rocking nontraditional clothes in the best possible way. Once I found her on Instagram, I was immediately impressed at her ability to pull of such unique outfits. Check her out if you’re up for edgy looks that you’re not used to seeing every day.


3. Mermaidens

Wearing my collection with @margaritamermaid How cute is this shell crop top? #MARGARITAxMERMAIDENS

A photo posted by Kailey Flyte (@mermaidens) on

If you’re obsessed with the color pink and you’re a fan of sea shells, then you should definitely check out Kailey Flyte. Her outfits are very flirty, bright, and playful, but I absolutely love the way she accessorizes her outfits, from her beautiful flower crowns to her stylish shades. If you’re looking to add a more feminine touch to your look, this is what you need in your life.


4. JuliaCumming

@vogueparis august issue by @kristallmatth

A photo posted by juliacumming (@juliacumming) on

Julia’s style is pretty edgy with an old school, punk rocker twist. She makes some of the simplest outfits look totally badass, which proves that you don’t always have to go over the top to make an outfit stand out and look good.


5. TokyoFashion

Popular Japanese model/singer @Unakinoco wearing knits and sneakers on the street in Shibuya.

A photo posted by Harajuku Japan (@tokyofashion) on

This is the most awesome collection of unique outfits that you will ever see. Some styles are pretty edgy, and others are so out of the box that it’s hard to put a label on them. I absolutely love how diverse the styles are. TokyoFashion will give you the inspiration you need to spice up your wardrobe and add a unique twist to your outfits.


6. The_line_up

Ksenia @ksenia.mz

A photo posted by anka itskovich (@the_line_up) on

Looking through this feed is SO refreshing. This was a street style project that was started by Anka Itskovich in 2013. Her goal was to capture a variety of fashionable people in New York wearing different styles, and it is simply AMAZING. You simply have to check out this account.


7. Somewherexnowhere

I am so happy that I discovered this account. I mean, there is so much COLOR! If you’re really into pastel colors and mesh materials, this is your go-to account for inspiration.


8. Littlesunnybiteyoppy

my favorite pieces from #littlesunnybite 15FW

A photo posted by I'M YOPPY 'little sunny bite' (@littlesunnybiteyoppy) on

The outfits that you’ll see here are simultaneously adorable and edgy. And that’s usually a hard look to pull off, considering how different those styles are. But Yoppy, who owns this account, has a knack for finding just the right balance by combining bright and darker colors.


9. Kaylalovesart_Fashion

Kayla is a model who’s passionate about fashion, but what makes her feed stand out is definitely her innovative style. You probably won’t find most of the items that you see her modeling, since they’re custom made. But they’ll definitely give you some ideas if you’re looking to remake some of your clothes or update your wardrobe.


10. Lovelaurenalexa

Stripes on stripes.✖ [Shop the cuff & the look: @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CDuo #liketkit]

A photo posted by LAUREN ALEXA (@lovelaurenalexa) on

This stylist proves that simple clothing with the right accessories will go a long way. And plus, she makes black and white look super stylish, elegant, and chic. If you want to experiment with simpler clothing, this is the perfect account to follow.


11. ManRepeller

Leandra Medine, an American fashion blogger, is one woman who isn’t afraid to step out of the box and wear nontraditional clothing. It’s what inspired her to start her funny fashion website called ManRepeller, which focuses on unique trends that women love. If you’re curious about the inspiration behind the name, this is what she had to say, according to DailyMail: “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.” Um, yes, yes, and YES.


12. NoFrillsTwins


A photo posted by No Frills Twins (@nofrillstwins) on

All it took was one photo of these twins and I was instantly hooked. These twins are AMAZING, and I’m pretty sure that they will become your next obsession. They know how to rock colorful designs and statement pieces without looking too extreme or over the top, and it’s so refreshing. It might not be your taste if you prefer a simpler look, but it will definitely inspire you to upgrade your outfits.

Which of these Instagram accounts is your favorite? Do you have others that you want to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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