11 Perks Of Being Single That No One Else Will Tell You

When one is single, the inclination is to believe that there is something inherently wrong with you as a person. That you’re going to be alone forever. That you are, essentially, a grotesque half-being who is incapable of love, etc, etc.

This is because being single, according to popular lore, is literally just the worst. I am here, to tell you, however, that this is only true as long as you keep believing in it–my qualification being, of course, that I am an unlovable semi-human. Er, I mean, I am single. No, but seriously–while being in a relationship is perfectly fine and good and all that, there are definitely some surprising perks that go along with being single:

1. People want to be around you more:


Allegedly, people just flock to those who are single–if you are single, you are statistically more likely to be invited to social events than people who have an SO.

2. You can flirt with whomever you choose:


This is a little bit of a “duh,” but it’s important–you’re single, so you don’t have to feel guilty about exchanging witty banter with the cute barista at Starbucks and then giving your number to the other cute barista (in my mind, you live in a world with an infinite amount of attractive, caffeinated people to flirt with).

There are lots and lots of fish in the sea; thus, the world is your oyster to flirt with. (Also, you can go crazy and mix up marine life-related aphorisms, if you so choose and NO ONE WILL STOP YOU.)

3. You can focus on ~you~ and you alone:


I mean, obviously don’t be a self-absorbed jerk to your friends and family just because you’re single. But single-hood does offer a certain degree of self love that isn’t possible when you’re in a relationship.

4. You never have to be defined by another person:


When you’re in a relationship, no matter how independent you are, you get to a certain point in which you are always associated with your SO. Like, if you go anywhere without them, people get concerned or, at the very least, ask you questions about them before inquiring about how you are doing.  Being single gives you a chance to just be you whenever you’re in the public sphere.

5. You save lots of time:


Relationships are, in many ways, a huge time suck. Use your time being single to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, like, I don’t know–take a scuba diving class? Join an improv squad? You have time to do that now, is the point.

6. You never have to choose between hanging out with friends or your bae:


You know how sometimes people get in relationships and, somewhere along the way, they seem to literally disappear from their friend groups? This won’t be you.

7. You learn how to rely on yourself and no one else:


SELF-RELIANCE, PEOPLE. It’s very important to learn how to handle things on your own, and being single, whether you’ve just gone through a breakup or have been single for a while, is a great way to to do that.

8. You don’t have to go through a breakup:


I mean, sure, you will one day, probably. But for now, given that you are single, you’re totally free of the threat of a looming, heart-wrenching breakup. Basically, what this means is that you get to skip all of the really sad Taylor Swift songs and listen to the fun ones.

9. You never have to share your snacks:


Love means never having to say you’re sorry, but being single means being able to order an ice cream sundae without fear of it being abducted.

10. You don’t have to shave your legs in the winter:


THIS IS A BIG ONE, GUYS. I mean, maybe you’re in a relationship and they are totally cool with your leg hair flapping in the wind, in which I case I salute you and your exemplary relationship. In most cases, however, being in relationship, means having to continue shaving throughout the winter which, frankly, no human person should have to endure. Let us all shed a tear for these ladies.

11. You get to complain a lot:


Obviously, don’t get too crazy with this, but single people are definitely allowed more leeway in the “complaining about people” category, simply by virtue of being single.

“GUYS ARE THE WORST,” you may shriek, frothing at the mouth, or “ALL GIRLS ARE EVIL,” and it is considered socially acceptable.

Are you single? Did I miss any good perks that come with being single? Let us know in the comments!

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