10 Weird Ways To Get An STD That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

Considering the fact that STD means “sexually transmitted disease,” sex is obviously the first thing we think of when thinking about how people contract STDs (and STIs). It’s more than clear that unprotected sex is the easiest way to spread STDs, but are there non-sexy ways to contract these diseases that actually have nothing to do with sex? The scary answer is yes – meaning even virgins could get one.

The less scary part of that answer is that contracting an STD or STI from something other than unprotected intercourse is very rare, and not something you should spend all of your time thinking about. This post isn’t meant to freak anyone out or to be dramatic. But even though the chances are small and rare, I still think it’s important to know that STDs are transmitted in ways that have nothing to do with just p-in-v sexy times.

Knowing this also helps to break the stigma that surrounds STDs and STIs, which is mainly that if you have one, you’re dirty and slutty and you should be ashamed of yourself. And hey, it always helps to know what you’re up against so that you can at least protect yourself in some way. Here are 10 weird ways you never knew you could get an STD:

Which of these did you never know about? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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