15 Of The Most Hilariously Confusing #RelationshipGoals Pictures You Will Ever See

I’ve been staring at a lot of pictures of couples on the internet lately. I can’t tell you why, really, I just know that it’s been happening–you know, on those Tumblr and Instagram accounts with names like “Relationship Goals” and “Couple Goals” and “Bae Time.” Given this worthy qualification, I can tell you with a certain degree of confidence that there are exactly three categories when it comes to pictures of couples: Some are cute. Some are nauseating. And others manage to simply transcend all boundaries of judgment and just make you wonder, “Okay, who the heck even took this?”

You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure–those pictures of couples that are so private, so tenderly intimate that, if someone took a picture of you when you were in that position, you’d scream and call the police to extract them from the tree outside of your bedroom window. Anyway. I made a list of all of these unnervingly carnal pictures that, for whatever, reason, ended up on the internet. Enjoy!

1. Okay, who took this picture?

2. And this one?

3. I mean, it’s not that you don’t look happy:

4. Or comfortable:


5. Or like you don’t have a healthy sex life:

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6. It’s just that there is probably an intruder in your home:

7. Seriously:

8. Like, you might want to call the cops:


10. Maybe they’ll leave if you give them some of that pizza:

11. Or if you lend them that sweet beanie:


12. The dog senses danger:

13. Bud, I’ve got some bad news for you–first, your girlfriend is dead. Also, someone is in your house taking pictures of you. Just thought you should know:

14. Maybe you want the intruder to be there?

15. If that’s the case, he’s kind of tuckered out. You should probably let him leave:
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What do you think of these so-called #RelationshipGoals pictures? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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