13 Unique And Special Best Friend Tattoos Only True Soulmates Would Get

I love tattoos. I think they’re gorgeous. Still, I’m not 100 percent certain on any one thing in my life enough to get it permanently inked on my body. Not to sound like your mom, but tattoos are a serious commitment, and you have to be absolutely sure about what you’re getting before you go under the needle. Deciding what to get on your own is one thing – but trying to decide when it comes to getting matching or complimentary tattoos with someone else is even trickier.

That is, unless you and your best friend are so on the same page that the choice of what tattoo to get seems both obvious and perfect. For friends who are more like family, who are bonded in that almost fated way, there’s the best friend tattoo. Like the people who get them, each of these tattoos are unique and are specific to each of their friendships. I can only make guesses based on their Instagram captions, but they all seem so special, sometimes silly, and uniformly awesome.

Maybe these will inspire you and your BFF’s next trip to the tattoo shop, or maybe you’ll just settle on getting some similar but different art or accessories to commemorate your friendship. Either way, these tats are amazing. Here are 13 unique BFF tattoos only true soulmates would get.

1) Pinky promise

If you look closely, it looks like they each got ‘promise’ tattooed on their pinkies in their friend’s handwriting. Especially for friendships dating back to early childhood, this pinky promise tattoo is super sweet.


2) Two hearts

I love this because it looks like a venn diagram. You will always have a part of your friend’s heart and you get to see that shared space. So cute.


3) Cats high fiving

THE CATS HIGH FIVE WHEN YOU HIGH FIVE YOUR FRIEND OMG. For funny, weird cat lovers – get this tattoo. Please. Go pick which cat you want then have your tat cats high five each other forever.


4) Daisy and Violet


A photo posted by gillian (@gilliholmes) on

Full disclosure: these are my friends Jackie and Gill (I know!). They got famous conjoined sisters Daisy & Violet Hilton with their corresponding flowers. The whole look of it is classic and I love it.


5) The sun and the moon

Sun & moon tattoos by Hayley @hayley.tattoo.art #livingartgallery #hayleyschwied #sunandmoontattoos #bfftattoos

A photo posted by Living Art Gallery Tattoo (@livingartgallery) on

Original BFFs lighting up the sky since forever. I bet if you think of your bestie, you know which one of you is the sun and which one of you is the moon.


6) Peach and plum

Similar, but different, that’s your and your BFF. This caption makes it for me. I have no idea what the significance is to these girls, but I’m totally there with them and the tattoos themselves are gorgeous.


7) Paper cranes

Symbols of good luck, this pair of paper cranes is adorable and unique. I love the placement, the bright colors, and that the two birds are looking at each other.


8) Teapot and teacup

This also works super well as a sibling tattoo. There’s tons of ‘filling your cup’ and making you feel warm motifs I could put on this, but I’ll just let this speak for itself. (Those little hearts, too!)


9) Tin can phones

BFF tattoo!! @mmellow74 #bff #bfftattoos #bfftattoo #girlytats

A photo posted by Blaze (@naturepanic) on

I love old school tin can phones so much I put them in a play I wrote (with one of my besties). Place your tattoo so the little stick figure bffs are talking on their tin can phone when you and your IRL best friend are next to each other. I love this idea especially for long distance friendships.


10) Rocket ship and alien planet

I love my best friend #bfftattoos

A photo posted by Breannnna (@breannaromeroo) on

One of you is the extreme extrovert (rocket ship) and one of you is more grounded and stable (planet). OK, maybe I’m just speaking to my own friendships, but this is a perfect example of tats that function well alone, but are better together.


11) Pizza love

Pepperonis in the shape of hearts?! I can’t. Holy sweetness and melted cheese, this is adorable. Who else romanticizes pizza? If it’s you and your bff, go nuts – this tattoo is the coolest.


12) To infinity and beyond


A photo posted by @inked1983 on

Looking at you, Disney fans. They’re the Buzz to your Woody (or visa versa) and they make you feel like you can take on anything. They have your back forever. This is even sweeter if you two grew up together. D’aww…


13) Keep it 100

Got matching tattoos with @_casaavedra #keepit100 #bfftats # matching tattoos #bestfriendtattoo #100 #keepitreal

A photo posted by Kendyl (@dragonfire12000) on

Emoji tattoos are a thing, y’all. You and your bff are always keeping it 100 and you want to show that on your body forever. For friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, go ahead and get this inked on your skin. Do you.

Which of these BFF tattoos are your favorite? Which would you consider getting? What did we forget? Tell us in the comments.

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