11 Of Our Favorite Disney Princesses As Halloween Villains

When you think of Disney princesses, what comes to mind is generally nice things like long wavy hair, pretty dresses, and the romantic idea of – deep sigh – true love. What probably doesn’t come to mind are creepy things like blood, death, and general gore. But wouldn’t it actually be kind of cool to see some of our favorite female cartoons in this totally different, scary way?

The answer is yes, it would. I’m all for the traditionally feminine vibe Disney princesses give off, but sometimes you just need something a little less sugar and spice and everything nice, you know? Especially when Halloween is a few days away and you just want to watch lots of scary movies surrounded by pumpkin things. So why not combine two amazing things – infamous horror movie characters and Disney princesses – into one? Our friends over at Break.com did, and we’re kind of obsessed. Check ’em out:

1. Merida as Chuckie


Okay, so Merida was actually made to be Chuckie, right?


2. Sleeping Beauty as Dracula


This actually might be an even better version of Sleeping Beauty than the normal one.


3. Elsa and Anna as The Shining Twins


Who knew these two could be so incredibly creepy?


4. Mulan as Samara in The Ring


This version of Mulan is literally going to haunt my nightmares.


5. Pocahontas as Jason Voorhes 



YAS GIRL SLAY. Literally.


Want to see all of these? There are six more creepy Disney princesses that are even more amazing than these over at Break! 


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