WTF Is Mansplaining? 14 Hilarious Examples Everyone Needs To See

If you’ve never heard of or used the word “mansplaining,” then I think I’m about to change your life. Man, I love this word. I don’t like mansplaining itself, but I do love the word. So WTF is mansplaining? It’s when a man explains something to a woman in a manner that comes off as condescending and/or patronizing. Mansplaining is about generally disregarding a woman’s intelligence and presuming expert status based on arrogance and privilege. Once you know what mansplaining is, you’ll never forget it – and you’ll always be on the lookout for it.

The term was originally coined by Rebecca Solnit in her 2008 essay “Men Explain Things To Me.” The response to the term obviously hasn’t been all positive – a lot of butt-hurt people on the Internet have claimed mansplaining is misued and overused. It’s hard to tell whether this is because people don’t want to confront their problematic behavior or because it actually is misused, but either way it carries significance. I mean, Australia named it the 2015 word of the year, and it’s been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It doesn’t get much more legit than that!

Here are 14 hilarious examples of mansplaining to really drive the point home. Laugh throw the misogyny and keep on moving:

1) Let’s get this definition all squared away before we continue.

It’s possible we know things you don’t know. *grumble*


2) Confused about when to mansplain? Here’s a helpful flow chart.

Fun facts: the creator of this chart got mansplained to about her chart.


3) What sucks the most is being mansplained to and having to keep your cool.

Shout out to meetings, your well meaning guidence counselor, your crush, your dad, your brother, your friends, that stranger you met at 711…


4) Take this fake magazine cover, for example.

lol 158 facts and opinions you must listen to.


5) Or this one!

That “not all men” headline? Ugh.


6) My personal fave is when you get mansplained to about feminism and problems that are uniquely had by women only.

You go chill in that cocoon of self righteousness, bro.


7) You can feel the mansplaining coming for you. It looks like this.


8) Like when someone in your class at law school condescends to you about what your level of understanding of corporations.

“Do you even know how corporations work?” YOU’RE BOTH IN LAW SCHOOL. USE YOUR INFERENCING SKILLS.


9) Because banned books need to be explained. To the person setting up the banned books display



10) I used to be on OKCupid and I frequently got messages that looked a lot like this.



11) And it doesn’t matter if you have your subject matter right in front of you…

She’s literally holding the book. Use a context clue and maybe don’t mansplain.


12) … there’s always some dude willing to insert his opinion as fact where no one asked him to speak on it.


13) You could be an actual genius neuroscientist, but if you play one on TV with male co-stars, they will be the presumed brainiacs and your IRL doctorate degree will be called in to question during an interview.

Brilliant comeback, Mayim. Drag him. Smile about it.


14) And you think it’d stop if you were – I don’t know – running for President of the United States – some man will interrupt you during the Benghazi hearings.

I don’t care how you feel about her politics, but we’ve all been Hilary Clinton. (I’m watching this vine on replay, it’s too funny.)

What do you think about mansplaining? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Pink Nosebleed

    Anyone else ever heard that old chestnut “no one seems to have a problem with it but you” ? Funny because its in the damn dictionary!

  • I am a dimwitted man and can’t figure out how to stop the audio from poor Hilary being interrupted. I stopped the video but the audio keeps playing. I apologize for stupid men, Hey the audio stopped. Is this part of the men try to give solutions when woman just want to be listened to thing. I don’t know if that is generally true. I know that sometimes my friend who is a girl wants to be listened to and sometimes is looking for a solution. I try to remember to ask. But while probably more male than female. Mansplaining is also used by arrogant and ignorant people, after learning what it is, I can think of some woman I have encountered trying it. But in the case of US politics, it is a male disease. Once again sorry, if I ever hear it being done I will try to stop it.

  • dolly

    Years ago, husband and I had a major plumbing problem – if we discussed it at the bar, soon 4 guys would give their ‘expert’ opinion on what we should do – I even had a sister-in-law tell me (as a realtor) to not put a certain flooring in (already bought it) because the water could do damage to the newly laid flooring (I guess she was right but she should have told me to take care of the source of the problem being in real estate and all)….anyway, I had at least 6 different opinions as to what we should do – I have noticed that when you out right ask a man his opinion on something, he freezes up because he doesn’t want to be blamed – but when he listens in he is right there offering his expert advice. I have also witnessed a man always offering advice on how to not give our college age kids money – they should work for it and we should just say no – until the day came where his long lost 14 year old daughter showed up at his door – that was 6 years ago and we haven’t heard a beep about his parenting advice. Truth be told, men can NEVER shut up nor can they help giving advice especially when you DON’T ASK FOR IT.

  • marijoy

    Woman in Engineering here. Have just seen my career flash before my eyes (and I laughed about it!) – thanks for that

  • sbsieber

    I am so thrilled to have discovered this new term. “Mansplaining” has been a source of irritation and frustration for me throughout my life. I recently ended a long-term friendship with an unapologetic mansplainer; tried so hard to express my frustration with him about his insistence on explaining everything to me, even very basic concepts, or ideas that I introduced. He just didn’t get it; tried to tell me it was interesting conversation (it wasn’t), that he was helping to “educate” me, and seemed to think he knew my thoughts better than I. If only I knew this was a “thing”. Makes me feel so much better about dumping his condescending ass.