15 Thoughts You have Before You Have Anal Sex For The First Time

Shhhhh…we’re not supposed to talk about anal sex. For some reason the subject is taboo. Some girls think that it makes them sound slutty or that it’s dirty or that it’s embarrassing. UGH. Isn’t it time women were no longer shamed for being sexual beings? Please.

Couples have anal sex all the time! It’s not a big deal. Deciding to do it is not something to be ashamed of, it’s a normal part of a healthy sex life. Whether or not you try it totally depends on the preferences of  you and your partner. I have friends who have never done anal sex and never will, and others who do it all the time.  It it’s not something you’re comfortable with, you shouldn’t feel pressured into it.

The thought of anal sex (just like regular sex) can be intimidating the first time. Here are some things you think about before taking the plunge:

1. Is my butt going to look okay?


It’s not like you can easily look back there to make sure… If you’ve had a wax, you know there’s no hair there, but is it cute? Who knows!


2. Is it going to hurt?


You’re not in the habit of sticking things up there, so you really don’t know!


3. I’m not sure how I’m going to be turned on by this.


Because it’s a little unconventional, you’ll wonder if you’ll like it. If you’re worried about it, you might not have fun doing it at all. This could be a complete disaster!


4. Will I get poop on him?


That won’t be cute! What if it grosses him out and completely ruins the moment? NIGHTMARE CITY.


5. Is he going to expect me to know what to do?


I mean, you’ve done some internet research but this is uncharted territory.


6. Am I “cleaned out” enough?


Seriously, you’re worried that you didn’t get everything outta there! Maybe that Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier was a bad idea! So many regrets.


7. What do I say if I’m really not enjoying it?


You’re not going to have to suffer through something that you realize makes you super uncomfortable right? YOU NEED A SAFE WORD.


8. Am I going to be lame if I absolutely hate it?


What if  you’re just one of those chicks who will never like anal sex? You’re brave enough to try it, but you’re not sure that it will actually float your boat.


9. What are we going to use for lubrication?


You don’t have lube just lying around your room. You need lube, right? HOW DOES THIS THING WORK?!


10. Is it going to make me have to go to the bathroom?

Who knows? How can you tell the future? This is new!


11. I hope everything is clean down there.


I mean, you showered, but that was a few hours ago! Hopefully everything is spic and span. You wouldn’t want your butt to have an…*ahem*…odor.


12. Hopefully no one finds out that I’m doing this.


You’re a modern gal, but you would be mortified if he told all his friends that you had anal sex.


13. What if it tears down there?


That is worst case scenario. But still you’re thinking about it.


14. Am I going to still be a virgin after this?


What makes a someone a virgin, technically, anyways? You’re not really sure.


15.  Maybe this is going to be awesome.


Get it.

Have you tried anal sex? What thoughts did you have before doing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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