11 Reasons This Disturbing Assault Video Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Watch The Week

Another day, another young black person getting the raw end of a deal in America. Yesterday, a video emerged of a black teenage girl being aggressively apprehended by an officer in a classroom. The school resource officer (SRO) was filmed grabbing the girl by the neck, flipping her backwards while she was still seated in the desk, and dragging her across the room. Students and a teacher watched in silence.

If you’re easily triggered, skip over the following video:

A classmate, Niya Kenny, was also arrested for simply “being distraught” while witnessing the situation and standing up for her fellow student.

A Twitter user who claims to have been in the room at the time said that when the students asked their teacher if he felt bad for the student, he replied, “she should have cooperated [with the officer].”

While the school hasn’t identified the SRO in the video, students claim that his name is Ben Fields. He has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. Now, the FBI and the Department of Justice are getting involved in this investigation.

Apparently, this all started because… wait for it… the student refused to stop using her phone when the teacher asked her to. The officer was called in, demanded that she leave the classroom with him, and she allegedly did not get up when he told her to.

Then, she was thrown across the room like a rag doll.

Of course, as with all other incidents in which people–often black–are handled with excessive force by–often white–police officers, members of the social media peanut gallery said that she should have just listened to the officer, that she got what she deserved for not cooperating, etc.

I have one thing to say to that: HUH?

On what planet? Even if you believe this could have been avoided with more cooperation, that doesn’t negate how disturbing this officer’s actions were. Having a police presence in these schools turns every act of non compliance into a crime. There have always been teenagers who have been difficult to deal with in a classroom setting. I’m sure that a former or current classmate is already coming to mind. Some are rebellious, some are troubled, some are just brats. But they’ve been handled without an officer acting like a WWE wrestler getting involved.

We should all wait to find out all the details from the victim’s side of the story before launching into more speculation, but one thing is clear: This girl clearly didn’t do anything to warrant this level of force from an officer. The fact that this happened to a black girl, unfortunately, doesn’t shock me. Can anyone reading this seriously imagining this happening to a white teenage girl? No, the answer is no.

This is such an important issue because it highlights a few really important facts: Black girls are not safe from incidents of police brutality, victim blaming is alive and well, and schools are turning into utter hellholes for students, especially teen girls. If girls aren’t getting in trouble for showing their shoulders in chemistry class and being deemed as walking distractions, they’re getting suspended; specifically, black girls are getting suspended more than any other female demographic and more than most boys, too.

If you need more convincing, here are 11 more reasons why this video is so important.




2. Black actions are seen with suspicion above all else.


3. Sad but true.


4. Funny how a terrorist who gunned down nine black people in a church was treated better by the cops than a teenage girl sitting quietly with a cell phone.




6. Black kids are always depicted as adults–especially threatening ones–even when they’re not. That definitely affects the way that they’re approached, like this situation.


7. Oh, and just in case you forgot: The teacher in the video is the one who summoned the cop in the first place.


8. Black kids are criminalized from such a young age. This incident is further proof.


9. That awkward moment when Chewbaca is treated better by the cops than a black teenager girl.




11. Even Cher knows what’s up



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