12 Reasons Why Kissing Is Actually Overrated

As a result of binge-watching countless romantic comedies during my summer breaks, I’ll admit that I’ve done my fair share of fantasizing over how perfect my first kiss would be. After going out for a romantic dinner, or for a nice stroll through the bookstore (bookstores are romantic, okay?) my dream guy and I would be walking casually down the street and suddenly, he’d pull me in for the most passionate, earth-shattering kiss. Basically, I’d feel like I was living the teenage dream.

teenage dream

But those daydreams faded quickly when I started to realize that kisses are not as perfect as everyone makes them out to be. This only raises our expectations to the point where we assume that each kiss is supposed to be a mind-blowing experience, but in reality, there are just so many things that could go wrong. I’m not saying that all kisses are dull and underwhelming. It all depends on your experience, whom you’re kissing and how you feel about that person. But still, it’s good to remember that kissing will not always be perfect.

Check out these 12 reasons why kissing is actually overrated.

1. When you think about it, it’s just skin touching skin.


It’s not like your lips are charged and ready to feel this huge spark of electricity. It’s a kiss. Two lips touching. That’s it.


2. Also, you’re literally swapping spit.


There’s a fine line between a passionate kiss and a disgustingly sloppy, wet one. But either way, wet kisses are pretty gross.


3. In most cases, the person’s breath will smell pretty bad.


A lot of kisses happen spontaneously, so some people don’t have the time to brush their teeth or pop a few breath mints right before a kiss.


4. You probably won’t feel any fireworks.


This is especially true for most first kisses. We all expect this deeply passionate kiss that will give us all the feels, but that’s not always the case. A kiss will sometimes feel, well, just like a kiss.


5. Half of your face might end up in someone’s mouth.


Keep in mind that if you’re kissing someone with little to no kissing experience, this could actually happen.


6. You could end up having someone’s tongue down your throat. 


Some people see kissing as a sweet way to get intimate, while others will see it as an opportunity to explore the inner recesses of your throat. You’ve been warned.


7. There’s no guarantee that it will lead to anything.


It’s easy to get so caught up in a kiss that you forget it’s just a kiss. While it’s pretty normal for kisses to lead to something more, this doesn’t mean that every single kiss will lead to something else.


8.  It can get incredibly awkward. 


When is the right time to lean in? Where do I position my head? What if I have to burp? Oh, the struggle!


9.  It can get really creepy, too. 


How would you react if you opened your eyes during a kiss, only to find that the person was staring right back at you?


10. You just might get snot on your face.


I’ll admit, the chances of this happening are probably slim to none. But still, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. What if someone has a huge booger up their nose? What if they have to sneeze?


11. You could get your lip bitten. Like, hard.


The longer a kiss lasts, the more intense it gets. And the more intense it gets, the more likely you are to get your lips bitten. Yikes!


12. It could be painful.


Everyone’s kissing style is different. But when a kiss starts off with two faces smashing into one another, it can definitely be painful.
Would you say that kissing is overrated? Why, or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

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