9 Real Girls Explain How To Handle Getting Mixed Signals

Getting mixed signals from your crush is one of the most frustrating things ever. On top of the fact that they’re being inconsistent when it comes to how they act around you, there’s also the possibility that your own feelings might be clouding your judgment or causing you to misread things. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to figure out the right thing to do.

But this week, I saw that our readers shared some really interesting stories about getting mixed signals on our boards. They ranged from girls trying to figure out if their BFF felt the same way to girls who were utterly confused about where they stood with a guy friend. And you all had quite a lot to say. Check out these nine responses that explain how to deal when you’re getting mixed signals from someone you like.

Flamingoccm said:

Don't ruin a friendship by trying to make it something that it's not. I think girls forget that being treated well by a guy doesn't have to mean anything more than he's a good friend. If you'd like to pursue it further, you have to get over your fear of "being obvious" and be up front with him.

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Ana-Marie said:

I hate when guys are hard to read. Be careful and don’t jump to conclusions, because that would be very awkward if they are just being super nice.

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Nmpn7 said:

Give it some time and let them think. If you feel they do not like you, then decide if you think you should move on or talk to them first. But time is needed for sure.

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Kimiko said:

Discuss it with them to be sure they feel the same way towards you, otherwise you could find out the hard way that you've just waited for nothing.

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Zoeyp said:

There's never a great time to talk about it. Everyone always says in person is the best, but no one usually has the guts to do it! Tell them how you feel, then just go from there. I think the answer will show you whether or not they’re even worth your trouble!

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Tinsel said:

It could be miscommunication, where you think you two can be in a relationship and that person doesn't get that same vibe. They're probably either busy or not interested in a relationship. Sometimes people can fall out of their feelings, but it's okay, there are more fish in the sea 🙂

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Madetobebroken said:

Give them time, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore them because then they might think you don't like them. Do everything that you usually do. Just be yourself and take time.

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Tru-ctr said:

Talk to them about it. It’s better to know the truth than to be confused with the possibilities. You may just need to flat out ask them how they feel.

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Candi said:

I'd just give it to them straight, like, "You can date me, you can stop acting like you have feelings for me, or you can get out of my life," but that's just me.

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Have you ever experienced getting mixed signals from someone you like? How did you deal with it? Tell us in the comments below!

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