10 Things You Had No Idea You Have To Know About Sex

Sex is a necessary, biological act that should be pretty simple… so why is it actually one of the most complicated things ever?! Wait, maybe I can answer that question on my own: despite that sex is a huge part of so many people’s lives, it is still something that isn’t discussed in the way it should be. That means that there are tons of weird myths out there that people get worried about, and not enough real, helpful facts.

There are so many things I wish I knew about sex before I started having it. In fact, there are STILL things I’m learning about sex, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. We should be taught a lot more than we are, but we aren’t – and that’s a big reason why Gurl exists, to teach you guys what you really need to know about taboo topics. So, when I saw this Ask Reddit thread on what real girls wish they knew about sex before having it, I knew it needed to be shared. Here are 10 things you never realized you need to know about sex: 

Which of these pieces of sex advice did you already know? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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