WATCH: Sonya Esman Shows Us How To Create DIY Emoji Costumes For Halloween

Okay girls, prepare yourselves: it’s time. Halloween is officially right around the corner (many of you might even be celebrating this weekend), meaning that if you’ve been putting off your costume for the last few weeks now (despite our many costume ideas posts!), you need to make some moves. At this point, your best bet is to do something quick, which sounds lame, but definitely doesn’t have to be. There are some really great last-minute costume ideas that will still impress everyone – take, for example, these DIY emoji costume ideas created by Youtuber and blogger Sonya Esman. They’re so awesome that I had to share them with you guys.

Emojis are an amazing costume idea because they’re culturally relevant, they’re adorable, they’re ridiculously easy to create, and they’re guaranteed to make people smile. They make for an excellent costume for all of you who procrastinated on preparing for Halloween. In fact, some of them only require a little bit of face paint, and you can’t go wrong with that!

But while there are lots of pictures of emoji costumes out there, there aren’t a ton of actual tutorials. That’s why I was really excited to see that one of my personal favorite bloggers, Sonya Esman, had worked with the ICON Network to create a video tutorial on how to be a few of my favorite little emojis. In case you aren’t familiar with Sonya, she has a blog called Class Internal, a very fun YouTube channel, and a gorgeous Instagram account. I’ve been following Sonya on Instagram for a while now, and she’s constantly posting photos of her extremely cool street style that make me want to run out and buy jean jackets and round sunglasses. So, follow a tutorial by her? Um, yes please!

In the below video, Sonya shows us how to create a few different emoji costumes: the dancing lady, the girl in the pink shirt (specifically the haircut girl emoji), and basically any smiley face you could want to create (in my opinion, the cutest one is the kissy face). These are insanely easy and fast, and they’re perfect for girls who forgot to find a costume, have no interest in putting money into a costume, or just want to be something cute and simple. I highly recommend you watch right now:

Okay, so after some serious consideration, I think I know which one I want to try this year: the kissing face emoji. I can’t get over that adorable little heart. Who knew a face full of yellow makeup could look so good?

Even if you aren’t going to try one of these, there are tons of other makeup tutorials out there that will take any costume to the next level. The ICON Network offers so many options that you literally won’t know where to start, so make sure you check out their Halloween section on YouTube. And let me know which look is your favorite, because I really want to see how you guys pull these off!

Which of these DIY emoji costume ideas is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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