9 Things Guys Think Girls Do To Get Their Attention

Okay, so here’s something we can all admit is true: Girls and women are put under a lot of pressure to conform to societal expectations of beauty, femininity, etc. We can also admit that no matter how BS and sexist that all is, we often conform to it. Like, we know that we shave because it it’s feminine to be hairy, and as much as we can acknowledge how annoying that is, most of us still shave. Sad but true.

Still, it’s annoying that some practices that girls and women do are reduced to being man pleasers. Like, believe it or not, just because society might pressure women to wear makeup, that doesn’t mean that women wear makeup to impress dudes. Nevertheless, so many dudes get on their high horses and assume that every move we make is for their benefit. Uh, nah, bro. Here are nine things dudes think that girls do for their attention, even though we totally don’t.

Wearing Makeup

It’s hilarious to me when dudes think that girls spend all this time contouring their faces and perfecting their cat eyes for their approval. Are they nuts? Girls wear makeup for other reasons: to feel better about themselves, to impress other girls, or just because they love makeup. Also, they're more likely to get props from other girls for their killer red lipstick than the average guy anyway. Dudes who think that girls do or should rock their makeup to suit a man’s preferences are delusional and self-centered.


Playing Video Games

This is infuriating. Dudes can’t lay claim to gaming. It isn’t an inherently male thing, and a girl who likes gaming isn’t try to show off for dudes' approval. Don’t get it twisted.


Taking Hot Selfies

NEWSFLASH: IT’S POSSIBLE TO BE FEELIN’ YOURSELF AND WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU LOOK? I’m not showing off my slay worthy selfies to get dudes on Twitter or Instagram thirsting for me, I do it because I like to post selfies.


Wearing Revealing Clothing

I hate when people assume that a woman getting catcalled while showing a lot of skin was “asking for it.” Uh, I didn’t decide to wear short shorts to get the attention of some random dude on the street. I wore them because, you know, it’s hot outside or—maybe, just maybe—because I like the way my legs look? Maybe somebody who rocks cleavage feels confident about their boobs? Maybe somebody who shows off their midriff just likes their tummy? Guys have nothing to do with it.

Arrested Development

Having Body Image Issues

Believe it or not, a girl worrying about her love handles or her thighs isn’t doing so necessarily because she’s worried that guys won’t like her. Girls have enough pressure to look a certain way just from comparing themselves to other girls, not wondering how a dude will look at them.

My Mad Fat Diary

Liking Sports

This can be the case when it comes to girls playing sports, but this is mostly prevalent among girls who genuinely enjoy watching sports. Uh, a girl’s interest in a football game has nothing to do with a girl trying to look cool for a guy. Maybe the occasional girl will do that, but for the most part? No.

Bend It Like Beckham

Wearing 'Slutty' Halloween Costumes

Sure, there could be folks out there doing that so that they can get a dude’s attention. But there are plenty of other people out there who are just doing it for fun! Let them live.

Mean Girls

Complimenting Other Girls

I think that guys think that we’re fishing for compliments when we talk about how pretty another girl is. Uh, nah, we just genuinely appreciate beauty when we see it and we’re not afraid to hide it, unlike plenty of dudes who have to live their lives based on these BS machismo rules and can’t even hug another guy without freaking out about looking “gay.” Please.


Liking Certain Kinds Of Music

Yes, people lie about their music taste to impress people. But that’s not something that girls exclusively do to impress guys. They do it to, uh, everyone they want to impress? Also, dudes do this too, so this isn’t a gendered thing.

YouTube/Sonic Youth


What else do guys think we do for their attention and approval? Do you think any of the things in this list really are done for dudes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Alex

    I agree with most of these except wearing slutty clothing, that’s pathetic. There’s a lot of young readers on here and I’m surprised this website is encouraging slutty clothes, that’s very odd and terrible advice. There’s no need to expose skin when going to the grocery store, especially when there’s kids around. It does nothing but disrespects parents, children, other people around you, also disrespects yourself. Most girls don’t dress slutty, it’s just a small handful that do it for attention or shock value. There’s a time and place for everything, wearing slutty clothes at a public place where it’s unacceptable like the grocery store or worse a daycare(yes some people do this) is a big NO! Comes off as gross and unclassy.