11 So True It’s Sad Halloween Expectations Vs. Reality

Halloween is almost here! There are so many reasons to love this holiday. You have an excuse to eat candy, you get to dress up as anything you want, and ABC Family airs great movies during 13 Nights of Halloween – not to mention all of the awesome decorations, the pumpkin carving, the scary movie marathons, and did I mention all of the candy yet?

Unfortunately, Halloween doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Sometimes costumes flop. Pumpkins get smashed. Candy causes cavities and stomach aches. That party you thought was going to be awesome got cancelled, leaving you without plans and totally bored. You should plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Here are 11 Halloween expectations vs reality to show what REALLY happens with your spooky plans.

1. Coming Up With A Costume Idea

Expectation: I’m going to plan ahead so I can have a really cool, really involved costume with a lot of accessories that looks exactly how I’m picturing it and will be both sexy and smart.
means girls halloween

Reality: It’s October 30th and you haven’t put anything together. You’ll throw on some animal ears and call it good.
mouse duh


2. Planning A Group Costume

Expectation: You’re going to get the whole squad together and do coordinating outfits. You’ll stick together all night and everyone will be really impressed by your creativity.

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Reality: Someone dropped out last minute. You get separated the instant you arrive at the party and no one understands your costume when you’re by yourself.
no friends


3. Putting Together Your Costume

Expectation: You’re crafty! This will be easy!
kitten sewing

Reality: When did scissors get so sharp? Why is sewing so hard? How did this glitter get everywhere?
emma stone sew


4. Trick-or-Treating

Expectation: You’ll roll up to the neighbor’s house ready to fill your bag with delicious goodies.
trick or treat

Reality: You’ll get a lot of weird looks. Trick-or-treating should probably be left to the kids.
too old


5. Eating Candy

Expectation: You’ll have one piece at a time. Okay, two or three, max. You’re old enough to restrain yourself from eating the entire bag in one sitting.

#love ❤️ #smarties #candy #yummy

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Reality: You eat the entire bag in one sitting.
candy for dinner


6. Carving Pumpkins

Expectation: You’re going to be so pro this year. You’ll sketch out a design ahead of time and be careful with each slice of the knife.

@mojoichiban the family of pumpkins only missing @heypbowman's glorious maw! #pumpkincarving #pumpkin

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Reality: You make one wrong cut that takes out a huge chunk. You settle for the classic jack o’lantern face every child does.

My sad fail of a pumpkin.. #pumpkinfail

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7. Making A Halloween Recipe

Expectation: You’ll follow all of the instructions on Pinterest to a T and those creepy witch finger bread breadsticks will look like real witch fingers.
witch breadsticks

Reality: The people on Pinterest legit must be professionals. Your creepy witch finger breadsticks just look like lumpy breadsticks.

I am definitely not a baker! #pinterestfail

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8. Watching Scary Movies

Expectation: This is fun! The adrenaline is pumping! Get the popcorn!
eating popcorn

Reality: This is terrifying! You’ll have nightmares for weeks.


9. Going To A Haunted House

Expectation: This is even more fun than watching a scary movie because it’s happening IRL!
haunted house

Reality: After waiting on line for almost two hours in the freezing cold, you enter, only to feel totally uncomfortable. What is that noise? Is that blood? Where did that crazy man with the chainsaw go? GET ME OUT OF HERE.
run away


10. Halloween Parties

Expectation: There will be great food, great music, and great costumes.

Reality: You hear “Monster Mash” 20 times, and someone else is wearing the same costume as you.


11. Cute Pet Costumes

Expectation: This is adorable!

SPIDEY DOG!!! #spideydog #dogcostume #halloween #mcduff #mcduffsready

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Reality: Your pet gets real mad, real fast, and you have to take it off after 10 minutes.
grumpy cat nope

Which of these Halloween expectations vs. reality did you think was the most true? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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