15 Phases You Go Through When You’re Rejected By Your Crush

One of the absolute worst feelings is in the world is the one you get when you learn that the person you have feelings for doesn’t like you back. But what makes this experience even more painful is the fact that you have to pretend you’re completely fine with being rejected, because apparently, failing to move on with a gracious smile will cause people to think that you’re some emotional sap who can’t take no for an answer. It really sucks, to be quite honest.


And then after the rejection, there’s usually a flood of awkward moments that begin to put a strain on your entire friendship. You might even start to have second thoughts about your decision to speak up, because now, your crush is either acting strange around you or completely avoiding you. Situations like this can leave you feeling heartbroken, but as much as it hurts, it’s important to remember that the pain will pass. Everyone has to deal will rejection sometimes, but chances are, these rejections are only stepping stones that will lead you to the right person.

Check out these 15 things that everyone goes through when they’ve been rejected by their crush:

 1. You go through the denial phase.


Wait, did my crush really just say no to me? Or am I imagining things?


2. Then it takes you another moment to actually process this rejection, leaving you speechless.


Okay. This is NOT how I pictured it in my head. This is seriously happening.


3.You start to feel humiliated, but in spite of this you smile.


In other words, you feel like your heart just collapsed. You’re feeling so crushed that you want to go cry in a corner.


4. When you finally part ways, you go somewhere private to let the waterworks out.


*Cue every song ever released by Adele or Sam Smith*


5. Your friends try to comfort you when they hear the news, but it does little to help.


Though you appreciate the support and encouragement of your close friends, they just don’t get your pain. The only thing that would truly make you happy is if your crush actually liked you back.


6. You try to drown your sorrows in food.


You’re convinced that food is the only thing that can save you from this misery.


7. You also start to doubt your ability to tell if someone really likes you.


You start to wonder if you misread the signs because you’re just that clueless when it comes to figuring out if a guy really likes you back.


8. You start to wonder if you’ve been rejected because something is wrong with you.


Did i do something to turn my crush off? Am I too weird? What is WRONG with me?


9. Every encounter with your crush is super awkward and it makes you want to just quit at life.


Pouring your heart out to your crush made everything so awkward that you wish you never said anything to begin with.


10. And words can’t even describe the feelings you get when you see your crush flirting with someone else.


Ugh. What do they even see in that person? What do they have that I don’t have?


11. You play the most depressing songs on an endless loop, like you just went through a breakup.


Okay, it may not be the exact same thing as a breakup. But still, heartbreak is heartbreak.


12. Your inability to quit sulking over this crush starts to annoy your friends, but they just don’t understand.


Getting over rejection takes time. It’s impossible to move on overnight. Why can’t some friends understand that?


12. When the awkwardness between you and your crush finally fades, you get your hopes up. Again.


Just when you think you’re about ready to move on, the awkwardness between you and your crush suddenly fades. And before you know it, those old feelings begin to rush back.


13. But your friends are still determined to get you to move on. This time, you consider it.


Alright. Maybe it really is time for me to get out of this rut.


14. And you finally realize that they’re right.


After all, there are plenty of other sea creatures in the sea. Right? Isn’t that the saying?


15. So this time, you let yourself move on. And you realize that you’re going to be okay.


Sweet release!


Have you ever been rejected by your crush? Which of these phases can you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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