12 Reasons Why Harry Potter Would Have Been Better From Voldemort’s POV

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, then chances are you’ve grown to love the central character, also known as The Boy Who Lived. I mean, it’s pretty hard to resist the quiet, shy, bespectacled boy who eventually turned out to be one of the bravest and most powerful wizards who ever lived. In fact, lovable was practically Harry’s middle name.


But have you ever thought of how this story might have changed if it were told from Voldemort’s perspective? What if you got an inside look at how Voldemort’s life began? What if you actually knew his feelings and innermost thoughts as an orphan and loner who didn’t understand how to love? Or what if you got to see how he transitioned from the dashing Tom Riddle to Lord Voldemort? Wouldn’t that make for an amazing story?

Check out these 12 reasons why the Harry Potter series would have been much better if it were written from Voldemort’s point of view:

1. We would’ve gotten to know more about his time at the orphanage as a young boy.


We only know that he was seen as a strange kid and that other kids were terrified by him. But did he really use his abilities on purpose because he thrived on the fear of others? Or did his peers initially choose to isolate him because they saw that he was different?


2. We would’ve learned more about his everyday life at Hogwarts.


Or, more specifically, it would’ve been fascinating to see the stark contrast between his perfect performance in public and his evil deeds in private. What really went on in his head when teachers marveled at his brilliance, or when girls fawned over his irresistible charm (which I’m sure they did, on occasion)?


3. We would’ve seen what he was really up to when he fled and went into hiding.


After graduating from Hogwarts, Tom stole the Slytherin Locket and the Hufflepuff Cup to turn them into his horcruxes. He disappeared for a long period of time, but where exactly did he go? And who was he with?


4. We would have learned more about his loyal group of Death Eaters and how he recruited them.


Scenes between Voldemort and his group of Death Eaters would have made for some laugh-out-loud comedy. Though not much time was spent on this group throughout the serious, it was clear that Voldemort held his followers on very short leashes. Just imagine how often he grew impatient and hysterical while they all tiptoed on eggshells, desperately eager to please him. Imagine how all of his interactions took place when they kept failing him, no matter how hard they tried.


5. We would’ve seen firsthand how he became Lord Voldemort.


If the Harry Potter series had been written from his point of view, we’d have had the chance to see how his sense of morality began to wither away – beginning with the separation of his soul into seven parts. As he continued to commit so many evil acts, his personality became darker. It would’ve been interesting to see how he transitioned from Tom to Voldemort.


6. We would’ve gotten to see what it was like for him to live on the back of Quirrell’s head.


I imagine it was a bit stuffy under that turban. It must have been, by far, one of Voldemort’s most humiliating moments in the series. But I often wondered, what was going through his head at the time? And did he often struggle to gain control over Quirrell?


7. We’d have known what he was thinking when he realized that a little child defeated him.


I guess it was probably something along the lines of: “I’m going to get that little scoundrel the minute I regain my strength” or, “I cannot believe I was just defeated by a little child!”  Getting to see how he coped with such a devastating and embarrassing defeat would have made for an epic story.


8. It would’ve been fun to see him in his happier moods. Like that one time he thought he finally defeated Harry.


Another plus side to reading Voldemort’s point of view? We would have gotten to see how he celebrated his victories. Perhaps he went out for fun killing sprees or gathered round the table with his death eaters to torture some random muggles for fun.


9. And we’d definitely have those moments where we feel like Harry Potter is actually the bad guy.


Readers would probably envision Harry as that snotty little Potter kid who thinks he’s all that in a box of every flavor beans. He’d actually make a great villain, considering the amount of times he defeated Voldemort. But still, this would probably make us root for Voldemort all the more.


10. We’d have probably understood whatever Voldemort hissed in parseltounge.


We all know that Voldemort spoke parseltongue frequently with his pet snake, Nagini. But in his version of the Harry Potter series, maybe there would’ve been some translations to help us understand all the deep conversations we’ve missed out on.


11. We’d have gotten the scoop on any secret girlfriends or crushes he might have had.


I know, I know. This is a long shot. Considering how obsessed he was with magic and power, and considering the fact that he was conceived due to a love potion, chances are, he didn’t bother to pay much attention to girls (unless they somehow proved to be useful as resources). But at the same time, it’s possible that he may have developed a crush at least once in his life. It’s hard for me to believe that he was always this empty, stone-hearted shell with no ability to feel affection.


12. We’d see him as more of a human rather than a monster.


Seeing everything though Voldemort’s eyes obviously wouldn’t turn him into the shining hero of the story. However, readers would still have a better understanding of his character if they understood the reasons behind his actions, and therefore, they’d see him as more than just another heartless monster.

Do you think that Harry Potter’s story would have been better from Voldemort’s point of view? Why, or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Princess Consuela Bananahammoc

    A Very Potter Musical. Just sayyin

  • David Barrios

    Voldemort has no capacity for love, he is pure evil, hardly even human. Because he was conceived under the effect of a love potion and had no parents to love him. However, I would still love to see things from his perspective

  • Julien

    Well I think the voldemort point of view could make a great spin off Tv show, as a movie wil be not very well welcomed as you cannot cast the same persons. Whatever, Even in is point of view he will be a bad guy but I’d love to know more on him !

  • Rushdi Sattar

    please, it would make a great book, dont you guys get it? he wont be the hero, it would be a story from his pov is all

  • ArdArdA

    Just as you said, Lord Voldemort was conceived under a love potion, thus he is not “able” to love. He can’t love. There is no option of having a crush. Sorry.

  • Iveru

    …I’m honestly left wondering if this is a parody or not…

  • Erich Zann III

    It’s true. Voldemort wasn’t terribly interesting as a villain.

  • Jacob Clark

    So I guess the person who wrote this either didn’t read the books or didn’t understand them..

  • Gmwbmw22

    That could never ever happen… Voldemort is way better at being a villain, not a hero. Same goes for Harry (he’s an awesome, brave, confident, and powerful wizard, not some snobby villan.)