14 Hilarious Reactions To Drake’s Hotline Bling Video That Prove He’s Daddy AF

Oftentimes, when I find myself with a lack of things to do, I sit around and think about how my life would be different if I suddenly stopped being myself and turned into Drake. What if I were the biggest dork in hip-hop? How does it feel to be a mom in disguise? And, finally, what is it really like to know that pretty much every single thing you ever do will probably be turned into a meme?

I still have not turned into Drake, so I don’t really know the answers to those questions. I do know that the whole meme-ification of Drake yet again reared its (beautiful) head last night, though, when Drake released the hotly anticipated video for his latest ode to thirst, “Hotline Bling.” In the video, Drake has a very…particular dancing style and, as to be expected, the good people of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine had their ways with it. Like any good meme, this one has some contentious, divisive factions–the general agreement is that he is, as always, daddy AF, while others just think he’s an uncle. Check it out below and choose for yourself:

1. Same:

2. This is Drake playing a father on Saturday night live:

3. “Dad, STOP. It’s time to go home::

4. Dads love Frasier:

5. You know how your dad always tries to eat your food?

6. Drake, your father, is feeling the Bern:

7. Drake is the content. We are the creators. We are ALL winners here:

8. For some people, however, this is no laughing matter–dads everywhere are up in arms over the blatant theft of their favorite dance moves:

9. There is also a large faction of people who think that Drake is not a dad–but, rather an uncle:

10. Or, perhaps, an auntie:

11. Why don’t we soothe our familial drama with a Disney Channel Original Movie?

12. Charlie Brown, too, is something that the whole family can enjoy:

13. Or, of course, the Aubrey Graham show:

14. Any way you look at it, Drake–the ultimate family man–obviously knows how to laugh at himself:

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What do you think of the Hotline Bling video? Is Drake a dad, an uncle, or something else altogether? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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