16 Things That Will Help You Understand Intersectionality

Although the feminist movement is doing a phenomenal job of raising awareness when it comes to sex inequality, its failure to address the issues of women from minority groups is starting to give it a bad name. We hear time and time again that white women earn 77 cents for every man’s dollar, but we never hear that Latino and black women earn even less. We never hear about how women of color experience things like racial profiling or employment discrimination, even though race, class, and gender are all factors that contribute to women’s oppression. How different women experience oppression is incredibly complex, and without the inclusion of all minority groups, feminism is pointless.

If you’re still a bit confused about what intersectional feminism means, or if you don’t know how to differentiate it from mainstream feminism, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Check out this list 16 things that will help you understand what intersectionality is:

1. Feminism needs diversity. Without intersectionality, it is simply not feminism.



2. ALL women suffer from oppression, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that their experiences are the same.



3. This is a perfect representation of the dangers of mainstream or white feminism. It silences the voices of minority groups.



4. Intersectional feminism is not a weapon or a means to target white women. Rather, it points out the failures of mainstream feminism and gives more attention to what is excluded.



5. This cartoon does an amazing job of explaining why the issue of oppression is so complex.



6. If more upper class, privileged women made an effort to understand the oppressions of others, then minorities wouldn’t feel so left out.

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6. Another classic example of how diversity is ignored, much like minorities when it comes to feminism.


6. Feminism is more beneficial for white women than it is for women of color. Period.


7. Feminism should be inclusive. It should be intersecional.


8. This is the kind of feminism that we need to avoid.


9. This is exactly why we need intersectionality. It addresses these very problems.



10. The only way to make all women feel included in this movement is to actually include them and address their oppressions.


11. This illustration says it all. Feminism is nothing without inclusion.



12. Intersectional feminism does what mainstream feminism needs to do.



13. It’s okay to be privileged, but what matters is that you acknowledge and listen to the stories of those who are not as privileged.



14. This powerful response to Emma Watson’s UN speech, which failed to include intersectional issues, is a must read.



15. Race, gender, sexual orientation, size, and so many other factors will always affect how women experience oppression.



16. As mentioned in this amazing article, intersectional feminism gives women of color an opportunity to feel like they are included in this movement.


What do you think about intersectional feminism? Which of these posts did you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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