17 Halloween Makeup Tutorials So Cool You Won’t Even Need A Costume

Halloween costumes (meaning clothes and various accessories) are awesome. Some of them are even beyond awesome. But you know what is a little unexpected and seriously takes some skill? A detailed, realistic, very interesting Halloween makeup look. Sometimes these makeup looks are so good that you don’t even need to pair them with a costume. You can just put on all black or another solid color, and everyone will be so impressed by the makeup you did that they won’t even notice your clothes.

For example, last week I got to check out these crazy sick looks from the Makeup Forever team, and I was totally blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I am considering letting my makeup take center stage this Halloween. Here’s an example of one of them:

Amazing, right? Right. While I don’t have that tutorial for you, I do have other ones. The 17 tutorials below are easier than you would think, and they all give seriously cool results that are either weirdly pretty, very creepy, or just perfect for Halloween in general. If you try these this year, be prepared for all of the stares. Here are 17 Halloween makeup tutorials so cool you won’t even need a costume:

1. Do creepy porcelain doll makeup to make everyone spooked. Doll makeup is great because you can just wear a simple dress you probably already have. 


Source and Tutorial


2. This owl makeup looks more elaborate than it is to create. You can just wear white and brown with it! 


Source and Tutorial


3. This vampire makeup can be done with items you already have. It’s super easy and perfect for a low-maintenance look. 


Source and Tutorial


4. A ghost is a cliche costume, but who cares? Wear a white dress with this makeup and you’re good to go. 


Source and Tutorial 


5. This bat mask is so fun and different. Wear it with all black. 


Source and Tutorial 


6. This intense skeleton look requires no other costume. 


Source and Tutorial


7. This cute fox or deer look just needs some animal ears and maybe some brown clothes. 


Source and Tutorial


8. Go for a half skeleton look if you still want to be recognizable. My favorite thing about this is the glittery eye makeup.


Source and Tutorial


9. If you have a decent amount of time, try this seriously cool comic book character look.


Source and Tutorial


10. If you don’t want to do anything scary or creepy, do a cute scarecrow makeup look. 


Source and Tutorial 


11. You can’t go wrong with a skeleton look. This one is awesome. 


Source and Tutorial


12. If you’re not scared of clowns, then definitely go for this freaky clown makeup. 


Source and Tutorial


13. Instead of the shell bikini top and shimmery bottoms everyone else wears to be a mermaid, do something different with this bloody tutorial. 


Source and Tutorial


14. This zombie look just requires old clothes you can rip up. 


Source and Tutorial


15. This tutorial can either be a cat, or a leopard. Either one is pretty awesome, easy, and great with just black clothes.


Source and Tutorial


16. Sometimes all you need is ventriloquist makeup like this to creep everyone out.


Source and Tutorial


17. This leopard look is so easy and can be done with products you already have:


Source and Tutorial


Which of these Halloween makeup tutorials is your favorite? What do you not like? Tell us in the comments.

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