15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes That You Can Create In A Flash

Some of you are the type to know what you’re going to be for Halloween months in advance. Like, you’re on it by July at the latest, trolling Pinterest for inspo and getting your DIY on. By August you’re asking your friends what they plan to be for Halloween, and they’re like, “Chill, sis, it is literally August 12th, WTF?”

But then, there are those of you who half-heartedly come up with a zillion ideas throughout October, and then you realize that Halloween is a week away and you have no clue what you want to be. Luckily, there are some options at your disposal that don’t require a lot of finesse or an emergency trip to a costume store for an overpriced cheaply made outfit that you’ll never wear again. These 11 last minute costume ideas only require a brief trip in your closet or a quick stop at a thrift store.

Audrey Hepburn In 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

This has become such a go-to for last minute costumes that it's solidly cliche by now. But, hey, whatever works, right? This look from Breakfast At Tiffany's requires so little and can still be immediately recognizable. Just rock a sleeveless black dress and a white necklace and pull your hair into an updo. For bonus points, you can rock some black gloves, black sunglasses, and a long cigarette holder, but they aren't mandatory for this look to work.


Helga Pataki From 'Hey Arnold'

Bring in some '90s nostalgia without spending a lot of time or money getting a look together. As long as you have a white shirt, a pink dress, and some makeup to create a fake unibrow, you can be Helga from Hey Arnold. If you don't have a pink dress, you can easily get one for way cheap at a thrift store or a shop like Forever 21. Oh, and make sure you either rock pigtails or a blonde wig! If you could carry around a photo of Arnold, too, that would be a nice touch.


'80s Aerobics Star

Of all of the decades to dress up as, I think that the '80s are the easiest. Anything goes with an '80s look, so as long as you wear enough ridiculous makeup, get your hair as big as possible, and wear an over the top hodgepodge of clothing, you can say that you're supposed to be an '80s gal with confidence.

For a more specific look, why not just go for an '80s aerobic look? Just throw on some brightly colored tights, wear a one piece swimsuit or body suit on top, tease your hair, and wear super bright eye makeup. Sorted.


Old Hollywood Entertainer

The photo to the left depicts a look inspired by Josephine Baker, but you can honestly pick any old school entertainer from the black film era to emulate for Halloween. Honestly, as long as you rock a glamorous dress, look up some vintage hair tutorials, and make sure your makeup is on point, you've got a great template to pretend to be any Old Hollywood performer you want. Voila!



If you were super into festival clothes, you could really just repurpose that into a hippie costume. Otherwise, head to the thrift shop to buy a cheap and cheerful maxi dress or some flared jeans. If you have circular sunglasses, that can really help pull the look together.


Misc. School Girl

Here's why the miscellaneous school girl look is great: You can be so many different characters. Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries? Sure. Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl? Absolutely. You can even pull off a Cher Horowitz from Clueless, the crew from The Craft, or a Britney Spears circa "Baby One More Time" with a school girl uniform. Just accessorize and wear your hair according to whatever character you want to be. Easy, right?



If you decide to take on a normcore look for Halloween, at least make sure that you're not normcore already, or else people will think that you're dressed up as yourself. But if your everyday style doesn't quite match up to this anti-fashion fashion aesthetic, you should be in the clear.

Rock a pair of high waist mom jeans, a throwaway novelty top that you found at a thrift store (or in your mom's closet), sneakers, and a baseball cap.



Sure, it's stereotypical AF, but it's also harmless AF. Nothing offensive about wearing a striped top and a beret! You should totally consider pairing that look with a baguette. You'll make friends at whatever Halloween party you go to, believe me. Everybody loves bread.


Senior Girls From 'Dazed And Confused'

If you love Dazed And Confused like I do, then you've probably considered dressing as one of the senior girl hazers from the movie. And why not? The outfit is super simple. Just rock some shorts, knee socks, and a top that says "senior" on it. Of course, you can't just find a top like that, so why not put some minimal DIY skills to the test and buy a stencil set and some blue paint. For added fun, convince a friend (or two) who is also figuring out a costume at the last minute to dress up with you. Squaaaaaad.


Wednesday Addams From 'The Addams Family'

This look is a lot less ambitious than it seems. As long as you have a long sleeved black dress and a white collared shirt in your possession, you can be Wednesday Addams. Make sure your makeup is minimal, but definitely wear some dark eye makeup. Throw your hair into two braids and you're good to go.



This is the perfect costume for those of you who are literature nerds. You know the Beats? Those hip writers from the '50s and '60s who were super deep and pseudo-intellectual af make for a great costume. For the more stereotypical look you can rock a black beret, black turtleneck, and black pants. Or you can go with a brighter look like the one shown, with a knitted sweater and a skirt.

Definitely make sure you carry a book by a Beat writer, like Alan Ginsburg or Jack Kerouac. To make things easy, just find a copy of the book Howl at your school's library and call it a day.


Are you the type to plan your costume way ahead of time or wait until the week before Halloween? What’s the best last minute costume idea you’ve ever come up with? Tell us in the comments!

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