8 Reasons Why People Who Hate Smartphones Are The Worst

When my cell phone was stolen a couple of weeks ago, my dad sent me a snarky message asking if my hands are shaking from withdrawals. Haha. Please note that this 70-something-year-old man sent this message to me from an iPhone.

But anyway, I find sneering towards smart phone “obsession” absolutely exhausting. Like, how many more think pieces do I have to read about some pretentious 24-year-old going without a smartphone and embracing being disconnected? Sure, it’s rude AF to be glued to your cell phone when you’re supposed to be hanging out with your friends, but most of us have a sense of propriety.

Smartphones aren’t the death of communication, and it’s really annoying when people buy into that myth. Here are eight reasons why people who hate smartphones are the absolute worst.


1. They act as if before 2007, everybody always talked to each other all the time…always.

Um, there’s nothing disturbing about a train full of people looking down at their phones. Before phones, people were also minding their own business and stuffing their faces in newspapers. It’s not like everybody was holding hands and sang “Kumbayah” before the iPhone existed.


2. They act as if they’ve made us more selfish and petty.


I don’t understand people who get annoyed at folks who enjoy taking photos on their smartphones, selfies or otherwise. I’ve loved taking photos forever, ever since I was using throwaway cameras in middle school or my chunky digital camera in high school. Now, I can take photos a lot easier with a smart phone. People did take photos of food before smartphones! They even took pictures of themselves. They’re called self-portraits, y’all.


3. They act as if we’re more disconnected.

I can talk to a friend who lives in another country on a completely different continent without spending a zillion dollars to call them thanks to smartphones. Smartphones, with the help of social media, have created bonds, formed romances, and shared information with the world in the palm of our hands. How is that more disconnected than a time before smartphones?


4. They act as if everything was more spontaneous and whimsical before smartphones.

bye bye birdie happy room

Oh God, I remember this one dude once wrote a piece lamenting an era when we could actually get lost and explore the world without the help of GPS. Dude, getting lost is not cute. It’s stressful AF. It’s nice to be able to get somewhere without having to write all the directions down or print out Mapquest directions.


5. They act as if more harm than good comes out of them.

fake gasp lisa bonet

Let’s not act like people don’t use smartphone capabilities to do sketchy things. But we actually have smartphones to thank for a lot of important things. People use smartphones to capture instances of police brutality that would have otherwise been pushed under the rug. People use smartphones to share their real time experiences during political protests and in war zones. Let’s not act like people only use smartphones to make stupid Vine videos.


6. They act as if they’re destroying romantic relationships.


Listen, my boyfriend and I chill out in bed, scrolling through our phones in silence pretty regularly. We also share funny or interesting articles, photos, or memes we come across. Doesn’t that count as communicating? Would it be better if I shared something funny that I came across in a scroll made of papyrus? This isn’t all that different from folks reading a book in bed–something you can also do on a smartphone!


7. They act as if they’re straight up ruining the way we spend our free time.

How many more side-by-side comparisons do I have to see of happy families chatting across the dinner table in the 1950s, compared to our current generation of seemingly mindless, screen obsessed junkies eating over our Twitter feeds? Newsflash: People have had entertaining, hand-held distractions for ages, from newspapers, to comic books, to GameBoys, etc. This isn’t new.


8. They act as if the world was so much better before smartphones.


I’ve lived most of my life in a pre-smartphone universe. There were still wars, murders, sexism, racism, and everything else horrible you can imagine. Technology changes and comes with good things and bad things. Deal with it.


Do you actually agree that smartphones are killing our ability to communicate? Do you think that we’re better off with or without smartphones? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Louis D.

    You are a moron.

  • Thank you for making this list! I enjoy using my smartphone in my free time because I like to keep my brain occupied. I don’t see the harm in watching videos, browsing the internet, or playing games. Some people like to spend time like that because it’s the only alone time that they get.

  • Bongstar420

    They are way over priced and way too much profits from things like this go to the already rich. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc68cbc49df4e4302901cc8f06f89a2b39f93610b13996750e23545fe54579d7.jpg

    Sell me a smart phone that pays good wages to workers, doesn’t force me to pay for functions I don’t want (I only care about quick texting and a decent camera), and doesn’t give more than 15% of the net to a person who is already rich.

  • Jeffrey Gerard Marshall

    all they need is a good virus with hypnotic subliminal messages and at least 50% of the developed world will become 100% zombies.

  • JD

    Listen, it’s a matter of choice. I regularly buy watches that are the same or more than a single smartphone, so economic reasons are nil. I prefer conversation, rather than tuning out the world around me, a world that I prefer to take in rather than tune out. I’ve had expensive touch screens phones and they were more annoying than not, I gave them away and now have my trusty flip phone. I use it to make calls and short texts because long texts are better conveyed in voice conversation.
    You have written a pompous, terribly foolish article, but you’re likely too caught up in your own selfi-sh agendas to ever realize you are a compate twat. People are now just drones hooked into this network of unconscious dehumanization, eventually this behavior will undoubtedly change society in a permanent negative fashion, but that’s just my observation. I feel very lucky to have grown up in the eighties and nineties, when things were real and organic. Generation X will understand my position, whereas millennials are sh!! out of luck, ignorant of what the world was like in the previous two decades that preceded them.

  • 0xnull

    “8 Reasons Why…”

    That’s redundant, you stupid cunt (and stupid cunt is redundant).

  • darkknightxiii

    Sounds like you’re another one who loves to take selfies 24/7, be on the phone 24/7, refuse to have face to face conversation and gets butthurt when people tells you that you spent too much time on the phone lol

  • Doug Heuer

    I’m sorry but I’m not convinced. All of the reasons to hate people on their phones is pretty valid. It is bad and screwed up society so much that even dating isnt even personal anymore. Try living with out your phone for one day and you’ll realize how unattached we are to the real world. Sounds like a school girl wrote this.

  • Israel Picazo

    Bitch please, go back to taking selfies on snapchat.ps smartphones are going to die pretty soon in about five years.

    • Bongstar420

      A smart phone is just a portable computer with limited function

      You can get a better computer for cheaper than these “smart” phones

      People are paying for the popularity and status symbology.

  • wombleranger

    I don’t even want to own a cell phone, never mind a smart one! it seems that the smarter the technology becomes the more vapid the user gets, go ahead check google to find an answer but wait……how do you spell Google?

  • I agree with you. I found this because I just saw this http://mashable.com/2015/11/12/obsessed-with-screens-art and I thought, this is all getting so old, all that BS that people think is so profound and wise. So then I googled people who sneer at people looking at their phones, the first page was, of course, all sneeriness but you were on page 2!

    • Bongstar420

      I got no beef with the user outside of them forking over much more than the device is worth…..If I can buy an actual laptop with more processing memory and screen for less, the user is being ripped off for the perception of its coolness.

  • Kk

    Not everyone has the money to buy $700 iphones, or maybe they just dont lie smartphones. You dont know every single person in rhe world, so technically you are acting like a petty brat right now. Gurl just got worse by adding you, it sucks now. Its just a website with annoying brats posting their stupid opinions and expect everyone to agree with them. Go stick a pencil up your ass