12 Party Items From Our Childhood We Want Back

Birthdays are my jam and so obviously I love birthday parties. And thinking back on it, my favorite birthday memories are all from before I entered middle school, when I was still a little kid. Everyone from class got invited, there were so many activities and options, everyone wound up eating pizza, and no one was too cool to sing “Happy Birthday.”

When we grow up, there’s more of an emphasis on having the BEST, most elaborate party instead of having a fun party. Everyone wants to be cool and unique, so they come up with fancy DIY ideas from Pinterest, or just plan things in weird locations. The pressure to be creative and do something different from everyone else can feel like a bit too much. Well, what better way than to throw it all the way back to when you could still count how old you were on your fingers? And also, when your parents handled the planning and you just sat back and ate cake.

Childhood birthday parties were the best and I want them back! I even got a giant pinata for my last birthday and had fun smashing it up with my friends. Of course, I got some strange looks from people at the park, but who cares. I think the world would be better off if we could somehow get back the unyielding joy of the birthday parties we had when we were kids. Here are 12 party items from our childhood we want back now:

1) Jumpy Castles aka Moon Bounces


AKA HOLD MY SHOES I’M GOING IN! These were so fun.  They’re like trampolines, but with more bounce. They can also come with different characters printed on them. As soon as I get a backyard, I’m having a jumpy castle party. I don’t care if it looks weird that grown humans are using it. It’s worth it!


2) Ball pits

Some people take lunch breaks. We took a ball pit break #jumpin #pearlfisher #ballpit #mondayfunday

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Upgrade by having the ball pit be deeper. Your body’s gotten bigger since you were a kid, so to have the same effect, you just need more square footage. Duh. Pearlfischer recently had a snow inspired ball pit for their employees and I’m all about it.


3) Pinatas

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Holy Christmas, nothing is more cathartic or joyful than smacking the crap out of a pinata. Grab one, stuff it with your favorite stuff, string it up on a tree, and who cares if anyone is judging you! These things were the best.


4) Face painting

LOOK AT THESE CUTE LITTLE GUYS! No need to go full Spiderman mask, you can opt for smaller (aka easier to paint) little designs. Nothing made a carnival or party cooler than having face paint.


5) Finger painting


The therapeutic squish of paint on your fingers. Remember when getting messy was fun and you didn’t have to worry about your laundry if your clothes got icky because your parents did the wash? Nothing gets old about making things with your hands. Combine this with the face painting idea and have a big paint party with your friends (and I’m quietly bookmarking this idea for my next birthday).


6) Parachutes

You knew it was a good day in gym when the parachute came out. You can catapult stuff off of it or climb under it and make a tent/cave. Even better, you can sit on it and have someone else pull you around.


7) Pin the tail on the donkey


Or pin the [thing] on the [something else], to be honest. Pin the blank on the blank can be about anything you’re into. Get your friends dizzy and blindfolded and watch them stumble towards a large cut out picture, it’ll be a blast.


8) Crazy straws

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They make everything taste better? It’s the loops. It’s science. Regular straws are boring. Any party that knows what’s good for it is gonna give you some crazy straws. Maybe even juice boxes! Dream big.


9) When your birthday candles = how old you are

Somewhere after 10 and you have to buy more than one pack of candles for a birthday, it’s generally understood that you aren’t supposed to get 18 actual candles on your birthday when you turn 18. Enough of that. Can we picture for a second how gorgeous 25 lit candles would look on a cake? This is only gonna get better the older you get, too…


10) Noisemakers

Typically reserved for New Years Eve, once you grow up, these suckers used to be around at our birthdays and I vote to bring them back. Birthdays are supposed to be loud and boisterous and if that gets in the way of being cool, then being cool is overrated.


11) Party hats

The most precious party hats of all time! @poppiesforgrace

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When I turned 24, my best friend got me a birthday tiara and I loved it. I’m not even into princesses and I loved having a tiara. why? It’s the best party hat there is! I know the elastic used to pinch your skin, but there are alternatives and clips to make it hurt less.


12) Goody bags

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