15 Secrets About Pretty Little Liars Season 6B Every Fan Must Hear Now

Despite the fact that Pretty Little Liars has been playing with our hearts for the last few years now, I am still obsessed with the show and it’s stars. Seriously, I’m like a One Direction fangirl – I follow all of them on Snapchat, watch their Snap stories obsessively, keep my ears open for secrets about the show, and come up with my own personal fan theories that maybe don’t make sense but I still like them, so just let me live, okay? So, whenever I get the change to interview the girls, I do it happily.

Last week, I was finally able to meet with the five female stars at once (I’ve interviewed Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Tyler Blackburn separately, but never all at once – and with Sasha Pieterse included!) at New York Comic Con. This was obviously very exciting for me, but why is it exciting for you, since you probably don’t care which celebrities I get to meet? Because I found out some fun secrets about the upcoming second half of season six (which airs in January) that every fan absolutely must know.

In case you could possibly forget, the first half of season six left us with a shocking discovery that made some fans pretty angry: we found out that CeCe Drake is A (and a lot more stuff, but honestly guys, I don’t have time to go into it right now). We also found out that the show will be skipping forwards five years into the future, meaning that season 6B will start with them five years older, returning to Rosewood for the first time in a long time.

What else can we expect? Read on to find out! Here are the 15 secrets we learned about Pretty Little Liars Season 6B:

1. Season 6B will be darker than ever.


Shay Mitchell said: “More mature topics are going to be discussed now.” GET READY.


2. It will also include more sex.


Ashley Benson added: “More sex scenes. Really though. They’re really taking it there.” Well, I guess if they INSIST…


3. Ezria is not a thing anymore.

ezria gif

Sorry Ezria shippers – from what Lucy Hale told us, it doesn’t seem like these two are going to be a romantic item any time soon. Lucy said, “Aria’s a publisher [in season 6b]. Which is good. That’s sort of what ties into Ezra’s storyline. They become very close in a different way this season. I think it’s, in a way, a much more mature relationship than they’ve ever had, even though it’s not romantic.”


4. …But Haleb might be!


Ashley confirmed that Hanna is indeed engaged, and although she didn’t say who Hanna is engaged to, she did say that Caleb will be on the show from the beginning of season 6B, so… sounds like it to us!


5. Spoby being a thing is a pretty big possibility.

spoby gif

Troian Bellisario said, “You will definitely be seeing more Spoby. There’s a lot of things that have changed in the girl’s personal lives, and that was what was so much fun as an actor, for us tot get to have these really long-standing relationships and then also to get to see how they’ve shifted and changed over five years.”


6. As is Emison.


Are Emily and Alison destined to be together? Sasha Pieterse said, “I think it will always be a special bond, I don’t think that will ever fade. And Marlene has done such a good job of keeping the relationship special. I think there will always be something there and good memories. I can’t really tell you a lot about how their relationship is going to be. But I think it’s really sweet. I think that still, for the most part, fans are going to be really satisfied by how Emison has transformed into what it is now. So… yes? No?? We don’t know!


7. Although Alison IS getting married, so…

alison gif

Okay, so maybe Emison isn’t a thing, unless they got married. Sasha says, “Alison isn’t… in 6B, she’s not married yet, when we start. So you kind of find out about her love story and how that comes about. I think it’s really cute and I think the fans are going to like it. It’s a good transition for her and she’s definitely more of a well-rounded person. I think she’s gone to a lot of therapy. And so I think the way she interacts with the girls is also very different.” Interesting!


8. We actually really don’t know what’s going on with Emily’s love life.

emily gif

When asked if old loves (like Paige) would be around in season 6B, Shay said, “Possibly, I think that there’s a few people who could be coming back, and maybe some new people.”


9. Spencer is working on Capital Hill in Washington.

spencer gif

Is anyone surprised that Spencer landed in Washington? Troian said, “As capable as Spencer is, she can’t be running for house speaker. She’s basically a glorified coffee go-fer, I’m sure. But she’s also really cool-minded, and she’s a really brilliant young lobbyist and she’s working really hard to work through the ranks, so I think she’s somebody who will come into her own power. But right now, she’s just starting to hit the pavement in Washington, D.C. and trying to build her way up, like a lot of the characters are.”


10. Spencer also has bangs.


This is something that Troian, or actually her fans, have had a lot of feelings about. Troian said, “It’s so funny because when we were talking about taking the characters five years forward, everybody was like, ‘we want a really new look.’ And I thought I would not be affecting the character’s look that much. I was like, I’m not going to die my hair some crazy color, because Spencer wouldn’t, but she’s very classic, so maybe she’ll just have bangs. But it was like the most controversial, weird thing.

“It felt like when Kerri Russell cut her hair on Felicity. Everybody was like, ‘Ew bangs! Love bangs! Hate the bangs! Why’d you do this? Are the bangs real? Are they fake?’ And I was like, ‘Guys, they’re bangs.’ It’s so funny, when people have seen pictures of me, they’re like freaking out about the bangs, and I’m like, what about the fact that Spencer is on Capital Hill right now? What about the fact that she’s working in Washington, DC? Nobody cares about that fact. They’re like, ‘Tell us about the bangs!'”


11. The girls haven’t been together in the last five years that went by.


Don’t worry – the girls didn’t separate as they grew up. Troian said, “What we can tell you is that the girls are very much on their own separate paths. They’ve left Rosewood… except Ali.” Marlene King added, “They’re still friends, they stay in touch, but none of them live in the same city.”


12. Alison is the one who made them come back…


Troian says, “Ali calls all of the girls back to Rosewood for help, and the girls all have to go back to the town they once left during the season finale. So it’s really about them coming back and seeing how Rosewood has changed and they’ve all changed. They’re kind of trying to figure out how to help their friend not fall back into old habits.”

Lucy added, “Yeah, we’ve gone away to college, we all are doing relatively well in the career world, and new relationships, and then we’re all called back to Rosewood – because I want to believe that in those five years, none of us had been back to Rosewood. We wanted to get as far away from Rosewood as we can. But we’re called back for a favor that she asked us to do. And that’s when everything starts unraveling again. Rosewood is just this cursed little town and if you live there, bad things will happen to you.”


13. …So that she could defend Charlotte?


The girls are not happy about this. Lucy said, “Well, Alison tries to convince them that she [Charlotte] deserves to be out in the open and live a great life, and we’re like, ‘What the eff are you talking about?’ Some agree with her, some not so much, but they’re very conflicted.”


14. There IS a person in that casket.


Marlene said, “There is a person in the casket. A person.” Troian added, “And you will know sooner or later who that person in the casket is.” MAYBE ONE DAY, GUYS.


15. The special episode in November will fill you in on everything… well, almost everything.


There is unfortunately no Halloween episode this year, but there is a special episode airing in November that you won’t want to miss. Shay said: “There’s no holiday episode because there’s that special episode in November that is going to catch you up on everything we’ve been doing for the past five years. Trust me, this is a lot more exciting, you get to really find out what we’ve been up to.”

And, that’s it. Are you excited for the next season? Which of these secrets surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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