14 Items You Should Have In Your Closet But Probably Don’t

We always think that we have everything on lock when it comes to our wardrobe. No matter how your style skews, you figure you at least have the basics, like a plain black dress. Well, that’s the case until the time comes when you really need to wear a plain black dress and, crap, you literally don’t have one. You have that dark blue one, and that one that’s mostly black but has bits of white, and there’s that black dress that literally hasn’t fit you properly in about two years…but no plain black dress.

Moments come up that require closet staples that we know we’re supposed to have, or think we have, but don’t. Tennis shoes that are actually made for running and not looking cute? A plain white button down? A sweatshirt that you would actually wear outside of your bedroom Netflix cave? TIGHTS WITHOUT HOLES IN THEM? Do you have any of these items, girl? Check out this roundup of 14 items you should have in your closet, but don’t, and check that inventory.

Which of these items are you, admittedly, missing? Which do you think are totally unnecessary? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Leasia

    lol I have 3 of 14.