14 Items You Should Have In Your Closet But Probably Don’t

We always think that we have everything on lock when it comes to our wardrobe. No matter how your style skews, you figure you at least have the basics, like a plain black dress. Well, that’s the case until the time comes when you really need to wear a plain black dress and, crap, you literally don’t have one. You have that dark blue one, and that one that’s mostly black but has bits of white, and there’s that black dress that literally hasn’t fit you properly in about two years…but no plain black dress.

Moments come up that require closet staples that we know we’re supposed to have, or think we have, but don’t. Tennis shoes that are actually made for running and not looking cute? A plain white button down? A sweatshirt that you would actually wear outside of your bedroom Netflix cave? TIGHTS WITHOUT HOLES IN THEM? Do you have any of these items, girl? Check out this roundup of 14 items you should have in your closet, but don’t, and check that inventory.


Okay, fess up: How many of you have a raincoat? I mean an actual raincoat, not just a jacket that sort of kind of works okay in the rain. I'm talking a coat that actually repels rain. Yeah, I already hear the crickets. Even if you live somewhere that doesn't get a lot of rain, it's never a bad idea to have one, especially if you ever travel to rainy locales.

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A Nice Blouse

T-shirts are great, but they just can't be the only tops you own. There will be days when you need (or want) to look a little more dressy, and that tissue paper thin top you bought for $5 last summer isn't going to work. Buy some nice blouses, especially long sleeved button down ones. It's nice to have a white one and black one, but you can definitely diversify.

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Nude Underwear

Nude underwear is great for sheer outfits. They're also great under white clothes. White undies definitely show up under white , so don't make that mistake!

Oh, and by the way, by nude I mean the color of your skin, not beige like most people seem to mean. Brands like Nubian Skin provide nude colored underthings for those of us (hey!) with darker skin. Definitely worth checking out on their site or in stores like Nordstrom.

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Emphasis on no rips or holes. Yeah, own up, you're guilty of this. I'm calling myself out on this, too, by the way! It's so easy to just try to ignore that massive rip in the crotch or that little run up the calf, but enough is enough. I'm not saying that it's the end of the world to go out with ripped tights (I've done this pretty regularly), or that it can't look pretty cool with some outfits, but a rip never really gets better. And, sometimes, you just want to wear tights that don't look like they've been beaten within an inch of their life. Nothing is more annoying than trying on all of your tights and realizing that they're all garbage.

Say goodnight to all of your ripped black tights and just buy some new ones!

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Sweatshirt You'd Actually Wear Out And About

Sweatshirts are great for lazing around in sweatpants, watching Netflix and stuff...but you should probably have one that you would actually wear out, too. I mean, why not? They're comfy af.

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Tennis Shoes You'd Wear For Exercise Purposes

Until recently, I never really wore tennis shoes (or, sneakers if you're from the east coast, trainers if you're from across the pond) for their actual, you know, athletic benefits. If I wore them at all, they were just for style purposes only. But, hey, you should probably have a pair of tennis shoes you'd actually wear for exercise purposes. You never know when you might want to pick up a sport, get invited on an impromptu hike, or just need to wear shoes that won't make your feet ache after a couple of hours.

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A Nice Purse

Yeah, sometimes that tote bag or that trusty, beat up purse that has been through everything isn't going to cut it. If you're going out to something fancy or just need to look a little less casual, a nice, fancy looking purse is just the ticket.

Remember: A nice purse doesn't need to be expensive! Honestly, when in doubt, go for something classic like a black shoulder bag.

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A T-Shirt Bra

If you're wearing a tight top, you don't want lumps and bumps from lace and other bra bits to show through. Invest in a t-shirt bra, your tops will thank you.

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A Plain Black Dress

Not a dress with white accents. Not a dress that's black and red. Not a dress with black and multicolored flowers. I'm talking a straight up black dress. All black everything. Not a hint of color on the thing. If you really don't do dresses, then at least make sure you have a plain black blouse and plain black trousers in your wardrobe.

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Camisole Top

You might be cool with wearing your favorite sheer top, but there'll come a time when you're not totally comfortable showing your bra to the world. That's where a cami can save your life. They're also great to wear underneath tops with giant arm holes or as an extra layer of warmth. They're usually cheap, so stock up!

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Nice Pants That Aren't Jeans

Sure, jeans--especially skinny jeans--can be versatile enough to rock with fancier outfits. But it's still good to have at least one pair of pants--or trousers, whatever you want to call them--that aren't jeans. Make sure that you buy a pair that you actually want to wear for more than just an ultra fancy occasion, though. Let's be real, you'll mostly be dressing in casual looks, so buy a pair that can work in any setting.

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Convertible Bra

You might think that you'll never need a strapless bra, until that time comes when you realize, "Dammit, a strapless bra would be perfect right now." They don't just come in handy if you're wearing tube tops; a dress or top with sheer shoulder panels looks a little funky with bra straps. Plus, a great thing about convertible bras is that they come with straps, so you won't feel like you wasted money on a one-time item.

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White Shoes

You might be thinking, "WTF, why white shoes?" Listen, I know that white shoes are prone to getting dirty, and i know that most people suggest nude shoes (tricky if you aren't light skinned), but it's never a bad idea to have at least one pair of white shoes. Why? Well, first ask yourself this question: Do you own any pastel clothing? If so, you've probably come across trouble figuring out what shoes to wear with them, because most of your shoes are dark.

Instead of buying shoes in every pastel color ever, just buy a pair of white shoes that you can throw on with a pastel outfit. Of course, they also look great as a contrast to black clothes!

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An Outfit That Makes You Feel Hot AF

This might be a cleavage-happy crop top, or an oversized t-shirt. Whatever makes you feel like you're slaying, you have to have in your closet. You might want it as a confidence booster to talk to your crush, or wear on a first date, or just rock to a party with your friends. Just make sure that you have a look on deck!

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Which of these items are you, admittedly, missing? Which do you think are totally unnecessary? Tell us in the comments!

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