25 DIY Harry Potter Costumes For Halloween That Aren’t Boring

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, then I’m sure you’ve faced the inevitable HP fan Halloween dilemma: wanting to dress up in a Harry Potter character costume for the holiday, but also not wanting to be like the hundreds of other people wearing and doing the exact same thing. Ugh.

Fortunately, there are way more interesting characters to dress up as besides Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Not that they’re not interesting, but let’s not act like they’re the only people in the series! One of the best things about Harry Potter is that there SO many lovable personalities, whether they are wizards, witches, Muggles, animals, or magical creatures. This means that there SO many amazing ideas for Halloween costumes that, unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t taking advantage of.

Luckily, you still have time to do just that! Here are 25 awesomely unique DIY Harry Potter costume ideas that are definitely not boring and cliche. Try one and tell us what we forgot in the comments!

1. Moaning Mrytle

As long as you don’t mind wearing a toilet seat all night, this is awesome.


2. Sirius Black As A Prisoner

Sirius on his own is a unique idea, but Sirius as a prisoner is even more unique.


3. Professor McGonagall 

McGonagall is underrated sometimes! Why be Snape when you could be her?


4. Fawkes The Phoenix

Get creative with makeup and DIYing to pull this off!


5. Hedwig

You can really have fun with makeup for this one!


6. Dobby The Elf 

Please just don’t touch any socks, okay?


7. A Dragon

The #snitch and the dragon! #harrypottercostume #gobletoffire

A photo posted by katiemae0410 (@katiemae0410) on

Real HP fans will get your Goblet Of Fire reference.


8. Hermione in Muggle Clothes

I'm Hermione Granger…and you are? #hermione #harrypotter #HarryPotterCostume

A photo posted by Amanda Marie (@irisofamanda) on

Hermione has to be one of the most played out costumes ever, but what about Hermione in Muggle clothes? Not so played out at all!


9. Harry’s Patronus 

Harry Potter's patronus ;D #costume #harrypottercostume #patronuscostume #deer #stag #patronus #halloween #makeup

A photo posted by Jessica Wright  (@justjesshere) on


10. Tonks 


A photo posted by Katie (@loveiresong) on

Another underrated character, Tonks makes for a great and easy costume.


11. The Snitch

150 points if you catch me. #harrypotterhalloween

A photo posted by Kelsey Stiegman (@klstieg) on



12. Professor Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge. #harrypotterhalloween #halloween #halloween2014

A photo posted by Megan McD (@mcdmegan) on

Hey, if you want to be the worst character ever, go for it.


13.  Sirius Black 


14. The Hogwarts Express Conductor

So. Adorable. #harrypotterhalloween

A photo posted by Brianna Calderon-Roman (@yo_calderoman) on

Okay, no one else is going to be this. For real.


15. Professor Trelawney  

I am actually professor Trelawny.this is what kids do to u #happybirthday #seventoday #harrypotterparty

A photo posted by erin (@sumjeangenius) on

This looks like so much fun to put together! Remember to act extra weird.


16. The Dursleys

After party Vernon Dursleys #picstitch #cantonharrypotter #harrypotterhalloween

A photo posted by @lyss_sulz on


17. A Dementor

#homemade #halloween #harrypotter #dementor #azkaban #harrypotterhalloween #fangirl

A photo posted by Carole Holden (@robstersgirl) on

Possibly the creepiest HP route you can go.


18. Lucius Malfoy as a Dementor 

@jasonsfolly would #LuciusMalfoy approve of such a cheap Halloween costume? #harrypottercostumes

A photo posted by Jon Lauriat (@jonlauriat) on


19. Hagrid

You're a wizard Harry #harrypotterparty #hagrid #lottafirewhisky

A photo posted by Beth Adamson (@beth_mtl) on

Who doesn’t love a good Hagrid costume?


20. The Fat Lady

#harrypotter #HarryPotterParty #fancydress #costume #fatlady

A photo posted by Ellen McGann (@ellenmcgann) on

Yasss this is so good!


21. Hermione After Drinking Polyjuice Potion

Hermione when she drinks polyjuice potion. @harrypotterfilm #harrypotter #hermoine #Halloween

A photo posted by casey sharp (@_caseysharp) on

This is one of the best ones I’ve seen yet! Super creative.


22. Broomsticks

Broom Broom #HarryPotterParty

A photo posted by Adam Ronan (@adamronan) on

Do this on your own, or grab a friend and do it with them!


23. The Nimbus 2000

Go home broom, you're drunk. #nimbus2000 #harrypotterparty

A photo posted by Stella Reilly Music (@stellareillymusic) on

Get very broomstick specific with this one.


24. Nagini 

BASILISK YO #harrypotterparty #snakeyrach

A photo posted by @babyrachey on

If you’re good with makeup, this is the perfect option.


25. Rita Skeeter 

She may be annoying, but she makes for a good costume idea!


Which of these costume ideas is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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