Quiz: Which Girl From Jane The Virgin Are You?

Aside from its unique and amazing plot, what makes the CW’s Jane The Virgin so addictive are the incredibly strong characters. I just can’t get enough of Xiomara’s fiery sassiness, Rafael’s irresistible charm, and Rogelio’s hilarious egotism. But on top of their vibrant personalities, it’s their vulnerability and how they adapt in tough situations that make them all so relatable.


Speaking of which, words cannot describe how much I adore the leading ladies of this show (well, maybe not all of them, Sin Rostro is a total weirdo). Jane, Xiomara, and Alba practically define what it means to be a family, and though Petra has her evil moments, it’s hard to not sympathize with her sometimes. Each of these characters are like pillars that keep this show standing. But which of them do you think is the most similar to you? Take this awesome quiz to find out which girl you would be from Jane The Virgin:

Which character did you get? Were you surprised by your answer? Let us know in the comments below!

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