23 Guys On The Internet Who Are Thirsty AF

For too long, the word “thirsty” has been monopolized and held captive by the dehydrated. But no longer.

Now, “thirsty” belongs almost exclusively to the multitudes of men who lurk, anonymously and ubiquitously, in the bowels of the Internet. These are the guys who send you an @ reply on Twitter that, somehow, is both an attempt at an insult and an invitation to come over to their house, and the guys who leave comments on your latest Instagram picture asking if you have a kik. They are the guys who, at three in the morning, will text you a request for a picture of your breasts, even though the last time you talked it was three months ago and you were just trying to find out what the Spanish homework was (they never told you, obviously).

They are the thirsty. These are their stories:

1. This guy who cut right to the chase:


2. This guy who wants to have a nice phone conversation–or, at the very least, see a picture of a butt:


3. This guy who always knows exactly what you want:


4. This guy who knows just how to get into Bey’s inner circle–via Instagram thirst comment, obviously:


5. This guy who has no appreciation for TLC’s finer works. Unmatch!!!


6. This guy who got just what he wanted in the end:


7. This guy who’s just doing his best, you guys:
Source: We Know Memes

8. This random guy, Drake, whose constant weeping (happy and not) makes him the thirstiest:


9. This guy who really thought you had something special:


10. This guy who’s sick of talking about his dog:


11. This guy who needs to SIT DOWN (but can’t):


12. This guy who likes to s*x:


13. This guy who takes the concept of being “thirsty” very literally:


14. This guy who took “Netflix and Chill” too far:


15. This guy who needs some work on his opening lines:


16. This guy who doesn’t mind being open about his very singular tastes:


17. This guy who seems to be a little confused about what glasses imply:


18. This guy who knows how to get the conversation going:


19. This guy who is very passionate about knock-knock jokes:


20. This guy who refuses to spend his free time on anything that isn’t highly productive:


21. This guy who just wants some clarification:


22. This guy who’s ready to take things to the next level:
Source: Buzzfeed

23. This guy who’s cool with giving you time, as long as he can still see them tittays:
Source: Imgur

What do you think of these thirsty guys? What’s the thirstiest message you’ve ever gotten? Let us know in the comments!

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