16 Photos You’ll See On Everyone’s Instagram This Fall

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and pumpkin flavored everything can be found in every cafe, restaurant, and grocery store. Fall is officially here, and not everything about it sucks. In fact, there are many things to love about fall – and why wouldn’t you share that love?

Fall photos are taking over social media. From apple picking to pumpkin carving, everyone is joining in autumn activities – but if you didn’t Instagram it, did you even do it? Whether you’re trying to show off your cute new vest or hoping your baking skills will impress your crush, just about everyone is posting pictures of #fallfestivities. We’re not hating on it, just observing! Here are the 16 fall photos you’ll see all over Instagram for the next month or so that will make you so ready for a change:

1. The Artsy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Obligatory PSL post #psl #fall #starbucks #autumn #leaves #basic #canada #nature #pond #walks #whynot #pumpkin

A photo posted by Hailey O. (@ozzieriesling) on

The earliest arriving indicator that fall is coming, the PSL warms the hearts and Instagrams of many every year. Whether your love of the seasonal beverage is pure or you’re making fun of your own #basic taste, a pic of the limited edition fall Starbucks cup will top many photo feeds.


2. The Sweater Weather #OOTD

Baggy, fitted, wool, cashmere, vintage, brand new—any kind of sweater will do. There’s just something about the crisp air that makes everyone want to cozy into a sweater. And take a selfie to share with the world.


3. The Vest/Layering #OOTD

I love fall clothing

A photo posted by Liza Caroline | Blogger (@liza__caroline) on

What is it about wearing layers that makes everyone so happy? The fall uniform: sweater or button down, leggings or jeans, and boots with a vest on top. The perfect #ootd pic.


4. The “Look How Much Fun I’m Having At Homecoming” Picture

Whether you’re friends with the King and Queen or just want to commemorate the night, no Instagram feed is complete without a shot of this tradition.


5. Football Games

You could be cheering on the boys until you’re hoarse, or you might not even know the score—either way, you’re posting a pic of the game. Go team!


6. The Fun Apple Picking Shot

However far you have to drive to find an apple orchard will be worth it. Not only for the fresh fruit and homemade apple pies, but for the many Instagram photo opportunities.


7. The Fun Pumpkin Picking Shot

Large orange objects can throw off your usual filter game, but don’t worry, with Instagrams many new editing features you’ll still find the ideal lighting to present your playtime in the pumpkin patch.


8. Boots In Leaves

What’s more indicative of fall than the changing leaves? And what a great opportunity to show off your new favorite riding boots.


9. You and Bae Doing Fall Activities

It's amazing to call you mine #pumpkinpicking #applepicking sorry I stole your picture babe

A photo posted by Kaila McBath (@kaila_mcbath) on

You lose points for a caption like, “As the weather gets colder, our love gets stronger.” Whether you’re pumpkin picking together or just Netflix and chilling, these cuddle photos are now everywhere. Why is it that everyone seems to pair off as temperatures dip?


10. Jack-O-Lanterns

Mine is so obvious #wcw #pumpkincarving

A photo posted by Emily Ritter (@emilyeritter) on

Far from being a kid-only activity, carving jack o’lanterns is a great photo opp. Check out the way the candle flickers—so artsy!


11. DIY Halloween Costumes

I'm a super unicorn #halloweencostume #unicorncostume

A photo posted by Kate Soff (@katesoff96) on

If you don’t Instagram your costume, did you even celebrate Halloween?


12. Halloween Costume #tbt

#TBT to when we were itty bitty children @jlombard1212 #siblinglove #halloweenTBT

A photo posted by Jen Lombard (@jenlombard) on

Because nothing gets more Likes than an embarrassingly adorable photo of you as an awkwardly dressed up child. Hey, maybe you should be tktk again next year.


13. Freshly Baked Fall Treats

pumpkin spice cupcakes my first attempt at cupcake piping i might add.. #fallbaking #pumpkinspice #yummy

A photo posted by Courtney Nicole (@cnallen3) on

Apple turnover, pumpkin pie, cinnamon scones, zucchini bread, cookies and cupcakes…check out your skills in the kitchen! You are definitely wifey material.


14. Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider

As the weather gets colder, just add more marshmallows. Or caramel.


15. The Same Thanksgiving Dinner Picture 800 Times

What’s your favorite dish: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pie—or maybe having leftovers of everything? Better take your photo before everyone starts eating!


16. The First Snow Of The Season

Finally. #firstsnow

A photo posted by @nazya21 on

If you live somewhere where flurries fall before Christmas, you can bet on seeing it on Instagram. After all, the first snow usually doesn’t last, so you better capture it before it melts away.

Which of these fall pictures have you posted? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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