10 Real Girls Share The Cutest Things Their Significant Other Does

When it comes to any romantic relationship, it’s usually the smallest acts of intimacy that tend to sweep you off your feet or make you melt. Gestures like a spontaneous kiss, an arm around the shoulder, or even a simple look can communicate your partner’s affections and give you the best feeling ever. *sigh*


It’s so heartwarming when your significant other makes tiny efforts to brighten your day or make you smile. It’s also one of the best ways to show that you love and appreciate someone. But the best part is, as these little gestures add up over time, they eventually make up the fabric of your entire relationship. Check out what our readers had to say on our boards about the cutest things their partners do for them – we’re sure they’ll make your heart melt!

MissBonnieLynne said:

My hands are always really cold, so he always takes my hands in his and won't let go until my hands are as warm as his. And even after they’re warm, he doesn't let go of my hands.

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MeMakeYouSmile said:

I love it when he runs up from behind me and grabs my waist and spins me around while kissing me on the cheek. 🙂

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Magenta2011 said:

He’d hold me and then he’d just look at me for no reason and smile.

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Amandababe said:

So many things that my boyfriend does makes me melt... Like when we're in bed going to sleep and he hugs me even tighter and doesn't let me go.

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NocturnalMistress said:

All he has to do is look at me. He glows when he looks at me and in return that makes me glow. He is so gorgeous to me!

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GothicEmoChick said:

I love how he pretends that he's not watching me. When I look up at him he turns his head away, but there's a glint in his eye. It's sweet.

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Petite_chienne said:

I love when he lies on top of me and says "I love you" with our lips touching, and I whisper back "I love you too.”

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Anaballerina said:

I absolutely LOVE when he surprise kisses me! We'll just be walking around, talking about anything, and when I least expect it, he pulls me close and starts kissing me.

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Joodie said:

One time I went out to my car and my boyfriend had put these heart-shaped window stickers all over my windows, and he left a love letter for me to find. It was so sweet. He got up extra early in the morning to do it before work.

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Ilovekaseykahne said:

We were saying goodbye. He gave me several kisses and as we held each other, he kept saying he didn’t want me to go. Then ten minutes after I left, we were texting and I said I miss you already. He said I missed you the second you left my arms.

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What’s the cutest thing that your significant other ever did for you? Share your stories in the comments below!

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