13 Times Netflix Made You Question Everything About Your Favorite TV Show

Given that I am a human who exists in the world, I’m pretty into Netflix. (Don’t even get me started on Netflix and Chill, though.)

But you know what I might love even more than Netflix? Well, technically, it’s more of a “who” than a “what,” I guess–the literal genius who writes all of the descriptions for the shows and movies on Netflix. Like, seriously, have you seen them? They’re amazing–basically so wildly off-the-mark that they eventually come around to being true. Well, I’m off to search for my Netlix description-penning soulmate, but until then, enjoy some of my favorite Netflix descriptions ever, from Gossip Girl to Twilight:

1. I mean…yep:

2. Clearly, a lot of fanfiction research went into writing this description:

3. Puns!

4. Yeah. Too bad:

5. “But with really nice apartments:”

6. Sorry your new boyfriend is a fugitive with access to rope, I guess:


7. If you’re wondering, this is the haircut in question (Ridicule is acceptable. It looks like the berries and cream guy):


8. Yeah, guys! Let’s brighten up the dark side!


9. Isn’t this how we all feel about Guy Fieri, though?

10. Thanks for warning me about the muskets, Netflix:

11. You laugh, but just wait–we’ll all be saying “big, fat, 80s fun” to refer to the things we like come 2016:


12. Come for the bedtime stories, stay for the deadtime stories:


13. No lies detected here:


What do you think of these Netflix descriptions? Did I forget any funny ones? Let us know in the comments!

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