12 Beauty Habits You Didn’t Know You Should Have Every Single Night

I’ll be honest with you guys: It took me a really long time to create a nightly beauty routine. In fact, it only happened a little over a year ago. I used to be a girl who loved beauty products, but who was also super lazy sometimes – and so while I (usually) removed my makeup and (sometimes) brushed my teeth before bed, I didn’t do much else.

Then I became someone who writes about beauty for a living, and things changed. I realized that a steady beauty routine could change my skin and help me wake up looking even better than usual. I found the beauty habits that worked for me, and now I want you guys to do the same. I truly think all of the below beauty habits are something every girl should start adopting before she goes to sleep. It might sound like a lot, but it actually isn’t that bad, and it’s also totally worth it.

You already know that you’re supposed to take your makeup off and wash your face before bed. These are obvious nightly habits that every girl either has or already knows they should have. But there’s a lot more to do than just a quick cleansing of the face. These habits will prevent lines and wrinkles later in life, get rid of and prevent breakouts, and just generally give you better hair and skin. Ready to switch things up? Here are 12 beauty habits you didn’t know you should have every single night. 

Pin Your Hair Back Loosely

A lot of girls do the wrong thing with their hair before going to bed - they pull it up in a tight bun or ponytail. Doing this every single night could make your hairline recede or even make some hair fall out because it pulls at the root for hours.

But while hair shouldn't be pulled back tightly, it also shouldn't be left down. Hair has natural oils in it that can sometimes irritate your face and leave you with breakouts. Pin your hair back loosely to keep it away from skin. Put it in a loose, low braid to wake up with soft braids, or in a loose, high bun to preserve a blowout.

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Lotion Up Your Hands

You moisturize our face before bed, right? (Okay, but really, if you don't, please start.) You may not have been told that you should also moisturize your hands, but trust me, you should. Applying lotion right before bed hydrates your hands, keeping them soft and smooth, which is especially important in the colder weather as skin tends to dry out quicker.

And I know you're not thinking about anti-aging right now, but hands are one of the first parts of the body to show aging, and keeping them hydrated helps prevent that. Opt for a heavy-duty cream you wouldn't normally use during the day.

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Wear An Overnight Face Mask

Speaking of heavy-duty moisturizer, let's get back to your face. Hydrating your skin is so much more important than you know. Here's an example: my grandma is over 80 years old with seriously terrific skin. When I asked her for her secret, she told me that she's never used an anti-aging product - she has only moisturized every single night and morning. Again, I know you're not thinking about anti-aging right now, but preventative action is the best!

Plus, hydrating your skin keeps it smooth and soft, and helps prevent breakouts. An overnight face mask that hydrates works better and faster than both face lotion and other masks that stay on for only 15 minutes. Our skin loses almost all of it's moisture during the night as we sleep, and an overnight hydrating mask is the best way to plump skin back up again. You can find them in drugstores or my favorite option - The Body Shop.

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Change Your Pillow Case

Experts say that you should wash your pillow case every night, but this is a bit excessive. Instead, try washing it every one or two weeks. You can also buy two or three so that you can change them and rotate, which would make things easier.

Why should you do that? You don't realize it, but your pillow case collects a lot of dirt, grime, and bacteria. Using the same one over and over again can lead to breakouts and irritation. Change them up to avoid that!

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Turn On A Humidifier

Like I said, your skin loses the most moisture while you're sleeping. A humidifier helps keep your skin hydrated (along with an overnight mask or lotion). It also helps with allergies or if you're feeling congested, which is a great bonus. Humidifiers can be a little pricey, but in the long run, they're really worth it.

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Prop Yourself Up On Two Pillows

Do you deal with puffy eyes, or undereye bags that really bug you? Try to fix this by sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of just one. Propping up your head helps prevent annoying puffiness and it's so easy to do! Get into the habit of using two pillows.

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Try An Overnight Hair Mask Once A Week

While overnight facial masks can be used every night, an overnight hair mask should only be used once a week. Dry hair tends to go along with cooler weather, and you can give your strands some life while you're sleeping. An overnight hair mask will hydrate your hair, leaving it silky smooth for the morning. Make sure you buy one that is specifically made for overnight use. Most of the time, you have to wash your hair in the morning.

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Put Vaseline On Your Feet

So you've gotten into the habit of moisturizing your face and your hands - congratulations! Now don't forget about your feet. Whether your feet get callouses from being barefoot at the beach or pool in the summer, or get dry and cracked from the cold weather, I bet they could definitely use more hydration.

Every night, or just a few times a week, smooth Vaseline onto your feet, then put on a pair of socks. The Vaseline keeps feet soft, and the socks lock in the moisture, making it work even better - and preventing it from getting all over your bed.

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Tweeze Your Brows

If you tweeze your eyebrows, get into the habit of doing it at night rather than in the morning. Plucking stray hairs from your brows leaves the area red, and it can stay that way for a few hours depending on how sensitive your skin is. Plucking them the night before means you'll wake up without redness!

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Actually Wash Your Face After Removing Makeup

One of the biggest makeup removing mistakes people make is using makeup remover wipes, and then not washing their face. Makeup remover wipes leave a gross film over your skin that needs to be washed off. A lot of people assume they can just wipe the makeup off and go, but this could actually cause irritation and breakouts. Make sure you're actually washing!

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Apply Eye Cream

Again, I know a lot of you aren't concerned with anti-aging right now. But again, I really encourage preventative steps. Your eyes show age before most other parts of your body, and the area is super sensitive, so eye cream is essential. Make it a habit to apply it every night before bed.

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Do Yoga Or Stretch

Stretching before bed not only feels amazing, it also relaxes you and helps you sleep better. If you can, try a nighttime yoga session. If you're not into that, at least do some simple stretches.

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Which of these habits do you already do? What did we forget about? Tell us in the comments!

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