14 Things Only Girls Who Aren’t Into Fashion Will Understand

To be honest, I’m one of those girls who isn’t very into fashion. Why? Because fashion trends are like a revolving door and trying to keep up is just tiring. As one new trend rolls in, tons of older trends from previous years, such as bucket hats, choker necklaces, and crop tops, begin to make a comeback. Although it’s exciting to see people redefine these trends to establish their unique looks, I just don’t care to go through the hassle of appearing to be fashionable.


Another major reason why I’m not into fashion is because I find it a bit superficial. Fashion deals more with what the public deems as “impressive” or “stylish.” But furthermore, fashion trends are closely tied to issues that most teen girls face, such as low-self esteem, eating disorders, and body shaming. These are some of the main reasons why I choose to keep my distance from the world of fashion.

If you’re not that into fashion either, then you’ll totally relate to these 14 things only unfashionable girls would understand:

1.  Choosing a new outfit takes you about about ten minutes, max.


Unless there’s a special event going on, there’s no point in spending over two hours trying to choose an outfit. As long as it looks presentable, it’s just perfect.


2. To you, comfort is more important than fashion.


Being comfortable in the most old-fashioned outfit ever definitely trumps feeling uncomfortable in a trendy dress.


3.  In your opinion, most fashion trends are overrated… Or just plain ridiculous.


Some fashion trends, like sagging pants and grillz, often make me question people’s sanity.


4. Trends are constantly changing, and keeping up with them is exhausting.


Fashion trends change way too frequently. And just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of being trendy and new, old-fashioned clothes begin to make a comeback. It’s a lot to keep up with.


5. You think that going to great lengths to fit into something is just absurd.


I mean, come on. Spending extra money on a tailor just to make jeans fit you when you could just buy a different pair of jeans? I don’t get it.


6. You genuinely don’t like shopping.


Why is it so hard for people to understand that some girls just don’t enjoy shopping that much? This is not something that’s considered “fun,” but rather, it’s a chore to get more clothes into your closet. Kind of like having to do your laundry or wash dishes.


7. And when you DO go shopping, it doesn’t take that much time to choose new outfits.


There’s nothing wrong with putting some thought into the things that you buy, but… Taking practically the entire day to find something trendy? That’s just too much.


8. You don’t really get the difference between fashion and style.


You’ve heard that style is defined a reflection of you or how you see yourself, while fashion deals more with how you are perceived by others. But you don’t really care to know the difference. You just care about the fact that you look good.


9. You don’t feel like you need to keep up with trends just to look good.


Not having a strong passion for fashion doesn’t mean that you don’t have a sense of style. It’s just that you prefer to be yourself and not get caught up with what others think of as fashionable. You can still make the most of what you have by being creative and, most importantly, by just being yourself.


10. You don’t enjoy reading about fashion in magazines. 


Why are there SO MANY fashion magazines out there? How often can you read the same thing over and over again?


11. You never ever make a huge fuss over getting a particular item.


Picture this: You spot this amazing denim jacket at the store and you go to pick it up, but another customer grabs it just moments before you can get to it. Do you A) Stalk that customer and try to get the jacket by any means necessary or B) Walk away and explore other awesome jackets the store might have? If it’s B, then congratulations! You are not fashion-obsessed.


12. You honestly don’t care about designer names at all.


Designer clothes are overpriced and way overrated, in your opinion. You’d actually prefer a comfy, decent pair of jeans over a designer pair worth hundreds of dollars.


13. You’ve never taken an #ootd in your life and you probably never will.


What exactly is the point of having a certain outfit for the day? This just gives you extra work to do.


14. You get confused when girls say they can’t wear something because they’ve worn it already. 


Why is it considered a major fashion crime to wear something more than once? As long as it looks great on you and it’s still clean, I say go for it!


Do you consider yourself an unfashionable person? Which of these did you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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